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  B.C. City Scene
BY REBECCA FLEURY Battle Creek City Manager
    or COVID-19. It is potentially still in place as you read these words.
• Support our local businesses if you can. You will see our ad in this issue for EatsBC, the new website and mobile app for ordering carryout and delivery food from local restaurants.
We are focused and committed,
yet uncertain about what the rest of 2020 will look like. We are also so encouraged and moved by the positive, extraordinary actions in our communi- ty – the public safety agencies driving by homes to help celebrate birthdays much different than our children imagined; the agencies and volunteers serving thousands of meals to our neighbors who need them; the collab- orations to deliver groceries, offer free mental health support groups, and so much more. Our community makes me so proud.
• Practice social distancing any time you are outside your home. This means keeping six feet of physical distance between you and anyone outside your household. Please enjoy the spring weather as we ease into it, and enjoy the many park spaces in the city, but do so at a distance from other neighbors and visitors.
Please continue to seek your infor- mation from reputable sources – local information is at calhouncountymi. gov and rus, and these include links to state
and federal information. You can view information updates from our Joint Operations Center COVID-19 response team on demand at Click Community Programs and see the latest programs.
I want to reiterate the best actions you can take to contribute to preven- tion of the virus spreading in Calhoun County, for your health and safety, and the health and safety of all our neigh- bors.
• Stay home as much as possible.
• Wear a mask or face covering whenever you visit a public place for essential errands, like the grocery store or pharmacy. You can make a mask using a bandana or part of a T-shirt. Cover your mouth and nose to prevent the spread of germs. Re- member, you can carry the virus and never become sick.
Thank you for the role you are playing in preventing the spread of the virus in our community. Whether you are working, volunteering, or home; helping your children finish the school year; donating to community efforts; sharing reputable information; prep- ping your yard for the spring –
I appreciate you.
Fewer interactions with others
• Wash your hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water. If you can’t, and you have hand sanitizer, please use that.
As I write this, we are about seven weeks into the federal and state guidance to stay home, and stay safe from the coronavirus,
means fewer chances for the virus to spread. If you go out for groceries, go alone if you can, wear a mask
or face covering, and shop quickly. Wash your hands before you leave home, and as soon as you return.
• Please continue doing business with the City of Battle Creek! We have many services available to
you online, through our website; by phone; and via the payment drop- box in the parking lot of City Hall. You can pay various bills and invoic- es using these methods. While our Recreation Department has canceled programs for now, its Facebook page is full of activities and fun – I hope you’ll check it out and participate.
Dear City of Battle Creek neighbors...
  You’re Essential To Us!
Remember Our Heros This Memorial Day
Fred Bachman Lexie Stygar Funeral Director Funeral Director
223 N. Bedford Rd., Battle Creek . 269-965-5145 .
     Currently assisting clients with plumbing, drain and septic emergencies during Covid-19
     We look forward to serving you full time once the executive order is lifted.
Thank you for your support!
 7275 Tower Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49014 • 269-962-1070
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