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  some days I just feel like pulling the covers over my head and setting my alarm for July. I speak to people every single day who are going through “The Corona Funk”. It’s a real thing, it’s an important thing, and we all need to recognize when we are feeling it. As a nutritionist, one of my jobs is to help people understand how your eating can affect your mood. So let me help you through your “Corona Funk,” because we ARE all essential, and we all need to take care of ourselves, even if we really don’t feel like it.
Second, cortisol suppresses your im- mune system. Yeah, I agree, that doesn’t seem fair – worrying about a virus makes you more susceptible to that virus! Again, we can take some of that power back, however, through a few little tricks. Num- ber one, oxygenate your body while calm- ing your heart rate. Deep, slow breaths while focusing on relaxing and letting go of your anxiety will help to lower your cortisol levels. Eating protein and veggies, will help you ease cortisol – limit your sugar intake. And, take a good probiotic. Your gut health has a huge impact on your emotional health.
Being active is the absolute best
way to fight stress. Exercise truly does improve your mood, your stress, and your immunity. So, do it. It also tires you out. Which leads us to the next fix for stress
– sleep. Sleep reduces cortisol. In fact, a good eight hours of sleep can completely reset your fight or flight response. Make sure you’re eating a diet full of nutrients from whole, natural foods. And eat fish! Fish oil is an effective means for lowering stress and stress hormones. Lastly, drink plenty of water – 64 to 100 ounces a day, depending on your size.
We are all stressed – or at least most of us are. And, when we stress, our brain releases the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a key element in our fight or flight response – it tells our body that something is wrong and that we need to either run away from it, or stand up and fight against it. However, in our current situation, we have nothing to run from, nor do we have anything we need to punch (although opinions may vary on that one). So we keep releasing cortisol – over and over and over. This is why it’s important to understand what cortisol does to our body.
Lastly, stress slows your digestion and virtually stops the movement in your large intestine. So if you get IBS when
We will all get through this. But,
until we do, we are going to have some stressful days. Understanding what that stress can do to your health, and knowing how you can control it, are essential tools in making sure we continue to be healthy, happy humans that, one day soon, will hug again – so you want to watch those love handles. :-)
How many of you are feeling weird right now? It’s not just me, is it? No? Good. Be- cause it’s hard for me to admit that I’m a little depressed,
a little angry, and
First, cortisol increases your blood sugar. This is necessary in fight or flight because it will give your muscles the ability to act and react if necessary. But, again, we have nothing to fight or run from, so now we just have a glucose spike. Which leads to cravings. The more stress you’re under, the more you will have cravings – because your body thinks you’re going to need more sugar to do more “flighting or fighting.” So, why are you craving cookies, crackers, and chips more now than ever? Because you’re stressing out. Here’s an important “cure.” Fight. Not really fight, but lifting weights will have a similar biological affect on your body that fighting would, and it will use up that extra blood sugar you’ve been kicking out.
you stress, it’s because your body is in fight or flight, and it doesn’t see your digestion as essential to saving your life in the moment. That is why, especially during stressful times, you want to eat real, whole foods. Ditch the processed comfort food, because it’s just prolong- ing your anxiety, and even making it worse. You’ll get a momentary rush from the serotonin (happy hormone) your body releases when it gets sugar, but serotonin is fleeting – cortisol sticks around seem- ingly forever. So, it’s just not worth the temporary fix.
The Corona Funk
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