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     culture is an important consideration for businesses that want to attract and retain employees.
Celebrating an employee’s birthday or work anniversary is a simple way to ensure each person feels like an included part of your company culture. Personal emails and/or handwritten cards mailed to their homes are perfect ways to recog- nize the impact an employee has on the company and team. You may even want to host a virtual birthday and anniversary party each month and encourage team members to indulge in their favorite sweet treat!
Regular all-hands meetings strength- en company culture because everyone is able to bring their issues, comments, and questions to one place. These collective concerns can be hashed out and an- swered in real time with each individual given the chance to have their voice heard.
Developing a strong workplace culture is especially important right now, as many companies shift to remote work models in the face of COVID-19. Because so many company culture “moments” tend to happen in-person, businesses must learn how to adapt and bring those initiatives into the virtual realm.
Affordable Ways to Improve Your Culture Remotely
Host Regular Remote All-Hands Meetings
Fortunately, improving your compa- ny culture can be done affordably and remotely.
It’s the reason you do what you do
— and should act as a sentiment that em- ployees can rally around. In the midst of uncertainty, standing with your compa- ny’s common mission will create a sense of unity within the company. Reiterate the mission and encourage your team to live it in their everyday work, no matter where they’re located right now.
Employees rely on recognition and re- wards to ensure they’re on the right track. Praise and acknowledgement instills con- fidence that ultimately improves perfor- mance, retention, and overall satisfaction.
Company culture is the “lifeblood”
of organizations. It can be the deciding factor for potential employees when con- sidering whether to join your company
– and perhaps more importantly, whether they stay.
Recognize Your Employees
Team meetings can create a safe space for employees to come together for transparent communication, celebration of achievements and future goals for the company. This can be especially helpful as you share COVID-related updates in the coming weeks and months.
Culture is important because it acts as a barometer for how well you’re treating your employees and therefore how engaged and effective they are at work. Nearly 90% of employees at companies that support well-being initiatives are likely to recommend that company as a good place to work. Research has shown that highly engaged teams are more profitable, too.
Offer Professional Training and Development
Company culture is the “lifeblood” of organizations.
Company culture has a major impact on em- ployee retention. It’s important to maintain a positive culture, even when you’re working re- motely. Company
Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries
Consider the following ways to give your remote company culture a boost:
Revisit Your Mission Statement
Real-time recognition for employee achievements can be as simple as a pub- lic or team-wide “thank you” for a job well done. Consider sending e-gift cards to employees for truly exceptional jobs.
Online platforms allow employees to learn at their own pace and explore topics that are meaningful to them and their careers.
Communicate Over Different Channels Often
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When working remotely, it can be easy to fall into a monotonous routine. Go out of your way to shake things up with your communication methods. If you usually communicate via email, try a phone call or video chat. Give your employees multiple platforms to express themselves on and keep the company culture thriving.
 No matter what your current budget or remote working situation, leading your company with transparency and unity will tend favorably to your compa- ny’s culture.

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