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BY KRISTIN MCD Health Educator
  Public Health Department (CCPHD) staff continue working hard every day to prevent the spread of all illness, pro- mote healthy lifestyles, and protect the health of our community.
as they recover in safety. Staff are also helping compile important data like how many hospital beds are available in the county so we can monitor where we are in our response.
At all hours, every day (yes, all seven of them!), CCPHD’s Communi- cable Diseases staff continue to work hard tracking COVID-19 in Calhoun County so we can identify ways to slow it’s spread and protect our com- munity. These disease detectives keep close tabs on our confirmed cases of COVID-19 and conduct what’s called
Our emergency preparedness staff are coordinating needed resources get
Meanwhile, the usual services that would come to mind when thinking about a public health department have not gone away! We in CCPHD contin- ue to offer modified health services. Our clinic staff is working with clients to access birth control and PrEP. Our Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS), Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP), and Women, Infants, and Chil- dren (WIC) program staff are working hard to provide support services and benefits to Calhoun’s mothers and children. And our Environmental Health staff continue to assist with keeping our restaurants, well, and septic systems operational county-wide.
While the frontline response to the COVID-19 pandemic contin- ues in our hos- pitals and health care facilities, behind the scenes, Calhoun County
to the front lines, helping connect folks distributing supplies, like personal pro- tective equipment (PPE) and thermom- eters, to the folks who need them. They ensure our quarantine and isolation facility can provide meals, cleaning, and health checks to some of our probable and lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases
A Peek Behind the Scenes of the Pandemic: Thank You from Your Public Health Department
a contact investigation. During a contact investigation, CCPHD staff ask about a person’s recent history, includ- ing where they live, work, socialize, and where they have traveled or visited to identify where a person may have been exposed to the virus, and identify others who may have been exposed since then. Through investigation, these highly trained nurses reach out
to others who may have been exposed to the virus and make sure they are receiving proper guidance and care to keep themselves and their families and friends safe confidentially. And they keep going from there – checking in daily to help those in isolation or quar- antine navigate their recovery as best as possible. Their work is invaluable, but they’re not the only folks hard at work for you at CCPHD.
All of us here at your Calhoun County Public Health Department are dedicated to serving this community. Whether you see us or not, we won’t stop doing everything in our power to prevent the spread of disease, protect the community’s health, and promote healthy living for all. We’re dedicated to serving you, and if we can step into the spotlight for a moment, it’s so we can thank YOU, dear reader. This com- munity (and this nation) is in the midst of a pandemic that has thrown us all for a loop. Those seemingly small ac- tions you all take in social distancing, wearing cloth face coverings when you must go out, or staying home when you don’t have to go out... that is making a difference. We can’t stop now – there is more to go until we see the other side of this curve, but every choice you’re making is helping all of us get there sooner. We see you helping, and we’re grateful for your support. Now please, go wash your hands.

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