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 CalCo Admin Update
Calhoun County Administrator/Controller
  to ensuring that critical government infrastructure can continue during the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, many county staff are also assisting with the operations of the countywide Joint Emergency Operation Center, which is ensuring needs are met in a unified way as COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads throughout our community.
Calhoun County Public Health De-
Many aspects of County Gov- ernment simply can’t pause. From
the Treasurer’s Office to the Circuit Court Clerk, we have learned how to do many things from home or found creative solutions. A digital form was created for the Sheriff’s Office for online incident reporting, and an ex- ternal payment box was placed outside the County Building in Marshall for payments to any county department. Courts have reduced in-person opera- tions tremendously and are focused on emergency motions, according to Ad- ministrative Orders from the Michigan Supreme Court starting on March 18.
The JOC meets multiple times daily via video conference and participants share updates and answer questions from the dozen or so working groups. This ensures input from key com- munity partners and staff focused on Behavioral Health, Logistics/Sustain- ment, Vulnerable Populations, and Do- nations/Volunteers. These groups work cooperatively to ensure all needs are met across the community as resources are limited.
Receiving information from sourc- es like the JOC is important to ensure misinformation isn’t spread, through the myriad scams that have popped up from everything related to COVID-19 testing to the federal government’s stimulus measures. Look for information from sources you can trust. In addition to
the Calhoun County website, the State provides updates from the Governor
at, and the CDC has the best advice for staying healthy and diminishing community spread at
County Ad- ministration has adapted quickly to the public health crisis that has jolted life
Joint Operations Center (JOC)
Additionally, County Administration is all-hands-on-deck with the Unified Joint Operations Center (JOC). This emergency response structure provides the authority to request materials such as personal protection equipment (PPE) from the State and abroad, and estab- lish alternative care sites should they become necessary. Our JOC is led by three Unified Commanders:
• Eric Pessell, Health Officer for the
for developing the press releases that are sent to the public on behalf of
the JOC, and they answer questions that pop up on social media or from reporters. Starting on April 1, we’ve established a new Joint Information Center (JIC), intended to share the latest information on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and our response efforts with local governments, elected officials, and the media. This forum is also the best opportunity for commu- nity input as to needs, challenges and needed messaging.
as we know it from just a month ago. In addition
• Kelli Scott, Calhoun County Admin-
To see all official communications from the JOC, visit calhouncountymi. gov, and click on the COVID-19 box on the homepage. That page also lists the most updated numbers of COVID-19 cases in Calhoun County from the Pub- lic Health Department.
• Rebecca Fleury, Battle Creek City
The Communications Workgroup is made up of the two communications managers from the city and the county, as well as a PIO from the Public Health Department. This group is responsible

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