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     well, all in the same place? That place would be Bayberry House Interiors in Marshall, owned and operated by Janet Ostrum for the last... oh, let’s just say she’s been around long enough for her daughter to be considered a native of Marshall.
Janet told me many people suffer from buyer’s remorse after a home improvement purchase because they simply didn’t know how to track down the items they want. “I’ve done that [tracking down vendors and products],” she told me. “So I listen to what they want and observe what they have, and
Like so many other people in this area, I too have used Janet’s expertise
to figure out what to do with an almost empty and dated room. When pondering who to interview this month for a theme of Women Owned Business and Home Improvement I remembered Janet, her store, and the myriad of ideas that I get anytime I walk into her shop.
I partner with people to help them to figure out what’s best for them. I really enjoy learning from other people. I think I’ve learned as much creative-
So, Janet, why Marshall? “I’m originally from Hastings and when my parents would visit friends in Marshall I fell in love,” she tells me. “After gradu- ating from Central Michigan University, I told my then fiancé, Norm that I’d marry him if we could live in Marshall, Michigan,” Janet says with her tongue firmly in her cheek. “Norm had a new job at Starr Commonwealth and I was fortunate enough to find work here with Susan Coolbaugh, the former owner. I enjoy living in a small town, I like the people and I like the connectedness that comes with it,” she says.
Janet tells the story of how she decided to change majors after getting
a B.S. from CMU in Psychology and choosing to get a second bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts with a concen- tration in interior design. “I’ve always been creative and after spending time in a classroom I realized teaching wasn’t really for me, but I’d always been creative, mechanical, doing puzzles, and interior design was more me,” she said.
ly from my clients over the years as they’ve learned from me.” Janet went on to explain why she enjoys what she’s spent over 30 years doing, “But you know, there’s nothing more gratifying to me than having a part in people better understanding what they liked, what brought them pleasure, and then work- ing together to make it happen. And then having them be thrilled about it,” Janet says. “Their home is, many times, their biggest asset.”
Did you know that besides getting great ideas for home decorating from a profession- al, you can take workshops to learn how to refurbish older furniture as
endeavor that became Marshall Main Street Downtown Development Author- ity. She helped the city move forward with numerous projects such as the annual Blues Festival and improving the allies behind Michigan Avenue.
Janet Ostrum
Besides owning the business, raising daughter Carly, and marriage to Norm, Janet has volunteered her time and talents to several projects in Marshall including the Historical Society. For example, it was she who raised her hand and said she’d contact the city of Frankenmuth about how they handled
I was intrigued by the many cans
of paint I saw in a shop that I always thought was dedicated to light fixtures, chairs, and window coverings. Annie Sloan developed Chalk Paint® to fill a need she had for a more versatile paint. Janet told me the story of first seeing Annie at a trade show and once learning about her and the ideas she had for the product she wanted to be a ‘stockist’ (that’s one who stocks Annie Sloan’s products). “I was interviewed by Annie Sloan herself, and after I was chosen I had to travel to Highpoint, North Car- olina to train for a week; and two and a half years ago I was chosen to go to An- nie’s home office, in Oxford England, with 15 other stockists from around the world,” Janet said. “We decided we feel we are siblings from a different mother. We are still in touch. For me, this was an opportunity in my life to work with
a real artist (Annie Sloan), and I needed that in my life. And the paint is great... and it changes lives. It changed mine!”
a power issue and found out about the
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