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 Some time passed. A nearly finished roll of insulation got stored on it. Some more time passed. A very large hatbox got slipped under the insulation and into the tub.
I also found photos of the “greatest” days. Youth. Oh sure... I remember ANGST! Weigh that word against a moment, or freedom, appreciation, logic, or respect? When I was young? ANGST won the day. I wish it didn’t.
You know what? The only person she knew in the picture was ME. “Who’s that Charley?” “Gumpa!” she said. I’m gonna go ahead and take it as a compliment. It was the greatest time of my life. AND... I will always appreciate it.
Today’s the day! I pulled the roll of insulation away, and prepared myself for dust. I wasn’t disappointed. The hatbox was a surprise. I sorta, maybe kinda, knew what was in it. I wasn’t even gonna open it. But I did. I’ve been using late nights sorting through it on a workbench. Pictures.
It’s been fun seeing me smile with my friends from those days. No cares really. Getting fat. Getting thin. Loosing hair. And, always, always, always, getting older. Every photo had an aura about it. I could remember that day as
if as if it had just passed. No words or conversations to remember...
just a feeling.
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 There was even one picture that was older than me. My father couldn’t have been more than 16. I saw my grandpa. I found my grandma trying to hide from the camera like she always would. My aunt Karen, and four other faces I remember, but haven’t spoken out loud about in so long – their names escape me.
I took my nearly two-year-old granddaughter down to the workshop today. She likes the basement for some reason. I picked up a picture... it was a picture of her grandma (my wife), her momma, her uncle Tony, and me. The picture has to be about 15 years old.
   Some details. I had to do a whole bunch of hammering
on the tub to try and get it as evenly shaped as possible. After tidying up the legs, I covered them with oil-based polyure- thane for a rich color. The reclaimed plywood required filler for voids in between the layers. I used wood epoxy.
Almost there. After shaping the top, I added some of the reclaimed plywood to it. It helps hold the top in place and gives it more strength. Walnut stain was applied to the ply- wood, then attached with glue and screws. After that...
I covered the whole top with four coats of polyeurethane.
All done. The top is removable, so it’s the perfect place for a blanket. The footstool stands about 17” tall, and almost 24” square. Out-of-pocket about $5. $3 for the top, and $1.50 for bolts to attach the legs. It took me about eight hours to build. Now I’m hoping someone can tell me where the tub is from.
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