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  four weeks, our world has changed – our lives have changed in ways that, to be honest, seemed impossible. In my prac- tice, I currently have three previous pa- tients who have contracted this virus, two are doing well, one is fighting for her life in an ICU, I have three family members who are considered high risk, and dozens of patients that I consider friends that are high risk, as well. It all seems too scary, too overwhelming, just too much. But, then I remind myself what I will remind you. This, is temporary.
But, I am a nutritionist, and I do have to talk to you about food, and the im- portance of a healthy lifestyle. And this virus has highlighted that importance. According to CDC statistics, over 80% of the infected that became seriously
ill had one or more of the following – obesity, hypertension, or diabetes. Each of those are nutritional disorders. Other preexisting conditions contributed to illness, like asthma, but a vast major-
ity of the serious cases that required hospitalization had nutritionally based issues. There’s no better time than now to address your own.
This, is temporary. In a month, maybe two, we will take steps to get back to our normal society. We will be back to work, back to friends, back to the beach. And that’s when we will realize that, though the crisis was temporary, the conse- quences of our choices and our lifestyle won’t be as temporary. The weight you can gain in a month or two can take three times that to take off. But the progress you can make in a month or two can spark a lifetime of fitness and health. As a society, we have the rare opportunity
to focus on three things as much as we want right now – our health, our family, and our faith. Many of us have hours a day to work out, take walks, be active, make healthy meals, prepare your week’s menu, play with our kids, NOT social distance with our spouse, and
pray – often.
In the upcoming months we will slowly feel more comfortable to brush shoulders with a stranger in the gro- cery store. Our hands will no longer constantly smell of Purell. Toilet paper will stop being a commodity, someone clearing their throat in public won’t incite fear, and we won’t have to figure out mathematically the best way to turn a doorknob. We will shake hands again, we will talk in groups again, we will hug our friends and our grandmothers, and we will appreciate human contact more than we ever have. And,
In the ten years I’ve had my practice, the number one issue has been, “I just don’t have the time to prepare food.” Now, you do, and it appears that you will be able to have another month to develop your routine. And that’s what you need, by the way – a routine. We all have rou- tines in our life – some productive, some surprisingly lazy, some we think about, some that seem automatic. Think about your shower today – you don’t have to think about a single thing you do in the shower. It’s automatic, it’s routine. In fact, we’ve gotten so good at that routine that we normally think about 433 other things during our shower, not which body parts we’ve washed and which
we haven’t. So, establish your routine. Do it now when you have time for trial
We will get through this. We’ll all be a little different, but I think we’ll all be better because of it. The question is will you take this once in a lifetime oppor- tunity to improve your life, your future, and your family? I hope you will. And, hopefully, you’ll never have this kind of opportunity again. Stay safe, my friends, and look out for each other.
A Good Time to Focus on Health, Family, and Faith
I think it would be disingenuous to talk to you about food, and healthy choices, and being the best you can be, without addressing the elephant in the room. In the last
hopefully, we’ll have learned an import- ant lesson about readiness.
and error. Make sure you’re eating four to five meals – I prefer three meals and two snacks. Don’t graze, don’t eat your emotions, and (without question, the most difficult right now) don’t eat out of boredom.
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