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      caused her to start the Foster Adoptive Family Resource & Support Center 25 years ago, now known as the Family Enrichment Center (FEC). Having all this experience led her to realize the overwhelming needs of foster, adoptive and kinship families.
She, along with a supportive group of other foster families, first started with providing respite childcare. This led to the start of Take-A-Break Child- care Center still operating today. It is the only center of its kind to provide flexible, drop-in childcare services
to foster, adoptive, and kinship care
families as well as for families who also just need flexibility in childcare services.
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Marylou Bax and her husband fostered over
100 children, adopted 13, and raised her nephew. Her passion for children in need
families to receive the resources they needed. Now, FEC serves 18 counties in providing resources. The Michigan Department of Health & Human Ser- vices calls FEC when they have a new placement that may need a food basket, diapers, or store gift cards for beds.
What she most wanted the commu- nity to understand is, “Not everyone can be a foster parent, but everyone can help a foster child.” Just in Calhoun County alone, we have 342 children in care and only 117 homes. There was
a great need 25 years ago and an even greater need today. The new executive director, Teresa Thrash, is also continu- ing the vision and mission from Found- er Marylou. As they celebrate their 25th year of operation, Teresa started the Be A Hero campaign that honors
all the work Marylou accomplished. She is asking the community to ‘be a hero’ to foster families. Teresa states, “We are a small organization that uses its resources every week to support families to continue working by pro- viding childcare. We will supplement their childcare tuition when parents don’t have all the money they need to start. We intentionally leave spots open in our daycare to provide drop-in for when new foster parents need it. What this means for our organization is con- stantly running short of the revenue we need to continue offering our services to families. We are committed and will be here hopefully for the next 25 years. But we need the help of our community to stand up for these families and be a hero.”
How can you BE A HERO in this campaign? There’s a donation list of items on their website at www.fecfami- You can also give a monetary donation on the website. Those funds will ensure they can con- tinue to give out monthly food baskets, provide gift cards for items needed for a new foster child, and continue to help their daycare support working families. FEC is inviting everyone who cares about the well-being of the children
Be a Hero for Foster Families
Marylou passed away in Febru- ary of 2018 at 66 years of age. But her vision has continued to live on. She was an advocate in the State for
Not everyone
can be
a foster parent,
but everyone can help a foster
 in our community to BE A HERO TODAY!

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