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  definitely getting my attention about how to behave in the classroom.
When I got married, I needed something a little bigger. A color picture was a must. Oh, and CHEAP! How I managed to enjoy watching a 13-inch color television from
15 feet away seems almost impossible to imagine now. The brand? It was an NBTBA (Never Buy This Brand Again). Let’s just say... it wasn’t my first “forever TV.”
When my parents were visiting, my mom said... “Oh my. It’s like all the people are real. You can see the pores in their skin!” I could feel my face warm with pride. When my son got his first job after college – that 36-inch, flat-panel Sony went with him. “Thanks Tony,” I said. Then went straight to the store to buy an even bigger TV that could connect me to the world!
The two weeks I could handle. I’d been down that path before. Well, a lot of “befores.” But really, come on... my TV? It was horrific.
Each of my forever TVs has lasted roughly ten years. So that’s pretty good. The first one was a beauty... a 27-inch JVC. It was a gift from my wife, Terri – at least that’s how I’m choosing to remember the story. I bought it at Highland Appliance in Kalamazoo. Remember Highland Appli- ance? It was a popular place to go for elec- tronics back in the 70s and 80s. Anyways, it was New Year’s Day, and just hours before the Rose Bowl. What a great day!
The 46-inch Samsung had every bell and whistle you can imagine. It was ginor- mous – well, in those days anyway. And despite my occasional whining over the next 10 years for a bigger one... I was out of children who needed a TV when they moved away.
I mowed lawns. Raked leaves. Shov- eled snowy driveways. And I saved. The reward? It was a nine-inch, black and white Magnavox with a curvy space-age exterior. It was bright white, with a black control panel and silver trim. It was my pride and joy, and it followed me wherever I went until I got married. Even when it broke,
I saved it on a shelf for another ten years with delusions of fixing it. I loved that TV.
“Terri, I need a bigger TV. It’s time. Everybody has a 32-inch TV. I want one too!” So we went shopping, but I didn’t
get that 32-inch monster. Because... Terri said... “Well, this one is pretty.” It was only 27-inches, a bit pricier than I had planned for, but the tube had a flat face, and that Sony weighed a ton. And it was glorious! And... when my daughter needed a TV for her first apartment, the “tank” went with her.
HAIL STORM! It took the roof, the siding, the gutters, the cablevision box, and the Samsung. We bought an inexpensive television as we anticipated a replacement from the insurance claim. It wasn’t covered.
I’m hesitant to say televisions are a guy thing... because everybody has one. But it seems – at least in my corner of the world – that fellas tend to elevate a television’s priority a little higher on the “must have” list. Getting a new one is a giddy moment.
“This TV is fine,” Terri says. “It’s horrible,” I keep insisting. “If we can
get a new one, it’ll be the last TV we’ll need to buy. It’ll be our FOREVER TV!” I’m not winning the argument, and my granddaughter isn’t even two-years-old. It might be a long wait – but hopefully not forever!
“You’re ground- ed for two weeks and we’re taking your TV for a month.” To which
I said... “WHAT?” The penalty for
my transgression was steep for sure. My parents were
And when the fellas get a new one... it’s usually labeled with a lie... “This is my FOREVER TV!” I’ve said it four times.
“Thanks Alyssa,” I said. Then went straight to the store to buy one of those new fancy flat panel TVs in HIGH DEFINITION.
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