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  and important, and the reasons why may actually surprise you – eliminate as much additive sugar as you possibly can. Most of us think that makes sense because the more sugar you eat, the more weight you gain – but that’s the tip of the iceberg. However, before I go too far into the damage sugar can cause, let’s look at how addicted to it our country has become.
So why do we eat so much sugar now? That, actually, is a debate that would never fit in an article, but is one that every American consumer should hear. So I’ll give you the Cliff Notes from a discussion lead by one of my heroes who is a doctor on the front lines of the War Against Sugar, Dr. Robert Lustig. Dr. Lustig states in Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease that food scientists long discovered the addic- tive properties of sugar, and looked to find ways to include it into almost every high sale food. The obvious are pop, candy, ice cream, snacks – but if you look at labels you will find it in shaker spices, processed meat, even prepackaged veggies. And we are targeted early in our development. Baby formula is nothing more than
a baby milk shake, cereal is nothing more than cookies, breakfast is (quite literally) dessert. So, according to
Those are the obvious. But look at these!
According to a study published in the highly respected Circulation maga- zine, Americans consume an average
of almost 135 lbs of sugar every year. Seriously, think about that – it’s more than 1/3 of a pound a day. Compare that to 100 years ago when we consumed less than half – 62 pounds a year. Now let’s compare some other numbers to 100 years ago:
Crowd: Erectile Dysfunction: reduces by almost 40%
• Cancer: 75% higher incidence
• Diabetes: 250% higher incidence
• Heart disease: almost 400% higher
I’m positive I’m not filling you in on a new concept – everyone knows sugar is bad for you. But, just how bad for you, and just how many different things it may affect, might have surprised you. Giving it up is hard. And giving it up the right way often requires the help of a professional, because it’s truly going to be a battle against an addiction. But you can do it. Be aware of where it is added, be aware of how it it marketed, and stand up for your health, and the health of your children.
Of course there are other factors
People have asked me, “If there’s one thing
I can do that will have the great-
est effect on my health, what would it be?” That answer is simple,
and differences between today and 100 years ago. Legitimate arguments about pesticides, genetically modified foods, and our environment could also be contributing factors in the rise of these terrible, and possibly fatal, con- ditions. However, one factor seems
to show up in every single nutrition- ally based illness, across the board
– higher sugar consumption, higher incidence of disease.
Dr. Lustig, we are groomed to be sugar addicts by the age of two, and we fight the addiction the rest of our lives. But, if you can fight the addic- tion by lowering your sugar intake 35%, look at the benefits you can have:
• Cancer risk: reduces by 55%
• Obesity risk: reduces by 70%
• Heart Disease risk: reduces by 110% • Diabetes risk: reduces by almost
Eliminate Additive Sugar
Have You Us!
• Arthritis risk: reduces by 85%
• Dementia risk: reduces by 52%
• Acid Reflux: reduces almost 200% • And, for the “Are you Serious?”
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