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  CalCo Admin Update
Calhoun County Administrator/Controller
     project in Emmett Township, after resi- dents voted to approve funding for fixes to all 75 miles of local roads, including those within subdivisions. This is a massive, three-year project, and this summer CCRD expects to complete at least a third of this Emmett Township local road work through our approved contractor, Lakeland Asphalt.
development, stretches the dollars of the Road Department to maximize the work that can get done each year.
As with past years, the 2020 CCRD construction season includes a number of other road improvement projects as well. This summer, feder- al dollars will fund construction on Bellevue Road from 13 Mile Road to the north county line, N Drive North from McAllister Road to 12 Mile Road, and Union City Road from 71⁄2 Mile Rd to M-60. Projects like this, with funding outside of the County’s state funding through Public Act 51, are identified by CCRD engineers years in advance to when the work will take place. This proactive work, along with seeking competitive grants related to safety and economic
Additionally, Sheriff Matt Saxton announced that he is stepping down in April to become executive director of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association. The application for sheriff was open from February 13-27, and a Sheriff Appoint- ment Committee will hold an open meeting on Wednesday, March 11 to receive public comment.
This spring the Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) gears
Road Work Ahead
This holistic approach to road improvement was applauded recently by the Michigan Concrete Association, which gave the County’s Road Depart- ment an Award of Excellence for the culvert replacement project on Halbert Road over Waubascon Creek in Bedford Township. A number of designers, con- tractors, and suppliers were recognized with this award. Engineering Director Kristine Parsons said, “The Halbert Road Culvert Project is an import-
ant example of what is accomplished with strong partnerships and a focus
on excellence. This award recognizes CCRD’s commitment to innovative solutions and high-quality results.” The result was a much-needed improvement for those who travel through Bedford
Township, completed in a way that saved time and money.
up for its larg-
est construction project ever: A comprehensive road improvement
While the Road Department contin- ues full speed ahead into the upcoming construction season, other County offices are experiencing change in lead- ership. Since our last update in Scene Magazine, the Circuit Court judges appointed Kimberly Hinkley to the role of Clerk and Register of Deeds to com- plete the term of Anne Norlander, who retired at the end of January. Hinkley has worked for the clerk’s office for
12 years and was interim deputy clerk at the time of her appointment. She is appointed to clerk until the end of this year, at which point the elected Clerk and Register of Deeds from the Novem- ber election will assume the role.
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