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   institution. It has a real ‘interest’ in me. The other day, as I was waiting my turn for the next teller, an elderly man
Sadly this scam and many others like it prey upon people who are unaware
of the consequences that they might face if they fall for ‘get-quick oppor- tunities’ like this. The saving grace of this was that the teller recognized this ‘official-looking’ check as a scam and ultimately kept this couple from falling for it.
and woman stood impatiently ahead of me. He was holding an official-looking envelope and she a check that looked like it was from the government. “I can help who is next,” the teller said. They stepped forward and placed the check on the counter slipping it toward the teller.
check in her hand and almost apologet- ically said the check is a fraud. “Some- one is trying to cheat you out of your money. This check is a scam.”
My point of this writing is to let you know that not only are there charlatans out there who look to take advantage of others, but more importantly and thank- fully local people like this teller and her employer who are trained professionals to spot things like this. Their jobs are
“We’d like to cash this and put it into our checking account please,” the woman said.
“How can that be if we just cash the check,” the older lady asked?
The employee picked up the check and carefully examined it. After a few seconds, she apologized and said that the check was not good, it was a scam. The couple looked confused. “I don’t understand,” the gentleman said. “We got this in this official mail envelope. The letter inside says we can put this $5,000 check in our account. It’s made out to us and everything.”
The disappointment in the voices of those two people was heartbreaking. Then I thought about how difficult it must have been for the teller to give that horrible news to these two people who looked like they could really use the money. It turned out that what the letter that was included with the fake check said was that the person who cashed the check should be prepared to write
to care about you, and in this case, your money. This young lady behind the counter did everything she could to soften the blow of disappointing her customers, but also to alert them to scams that might hurt them.
The teller leaned forward with the
Kudos to her and her employer. They are truly ‘Scene Around Town’ as val- ued watchdogs and friends for all of us who frequent local financial institutions.
I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the fewer things seem worth waiting
in line for. One exception though is visiting my favorite lending
another check from their account for ‘fees’ and immediately mail it to the address also enclosed. Eventually the check would bounce, and the person or in this case the couple would have writ- ten a $1,000 check and mailed it from their account, the one that really didn’t get the $5,000.
The check is in the mail.
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