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   Caregiving Solutions for Families Impacted by Dementia
Caregiving comes with a host of challenges ranging from increased stress and challenges regarding personal health to time management and dealing with siblings, and that’s all about you, the caregiver. Then there are the challenges of providing care and interacting with your loved one who is needing your help on this journey. If your loved one is also experiencing one of the forms of demen- tia, communication can be frustrated
and layers of guilt are often added to the equation of care. If you cannot keep all the plates spinning a crash is eminent, which might end up with you, the care- giver, in the hospital. Others experience
caregiver burnout or compassion fatigue. Miles for Memories volunteers have
loved one back home. The Help Home program is for anyone with dementia as well as their caregiver.
been working diligently to develop programs for both the person living with dementia but also their caregiver. The programs work to either create peace
of mind, better time management that yields enjoyable respite time, ways to interact that celebrates all the things your loved one can still do, and often there
is overlap. Together, they are making
a difference in lives of those living in Calhoun County.
The information contained in the database managed by the 9-1-1 Calhoun County Consolidated dispatch system will include the individual, their most current photo, their current and previous living address, contact information for loved ones, and any additional informa- tion provided that might be important such as a medical condition that might require medical care.
Of most significance is the Help Home program including a registry and products that are designed to bring a
Once a loved one has been registered in the system that information can be immediately accessed by emergency responders in the County. Law enforce- ment officers from the Michigan State Police to the individual cities, as well as the Sheriff, can access the record from the computers in their vehicles.
             We offer a variety of options for the most appropriate service, the most fitting farewell.
Beyond the database, families can purchase the Personal I.D. bracelet or nugget, which includes the information above and more. The next step in the product line is the G.P.S. Safe Return Personal I.D. watch. In either case, we recommend that the caregiver wear the Personal I.D. bracelet or nugget so that law enforcement knows if a loved one needs help when a caregiver experiences an emergency.
• Make your wishes known to your family
• Prepayment is not necessary.
• If you decide to prepay you will lock into certain costs.
• •
Your prepaid funds can be made irrevocable in order to become Medicaid eligible.
Your existing life insurance may be able to be protected if Medicaid becomes necessary.
The Help Home Program is designed to help bring your loved one with dementia home as quickly as possible if they happen to wander off. It is one more step in helping to bring a lost loved one home safely and quickly. More than 900 personal I.D. products are being worn in Calhoun County. Come and get fitted or registered April 8 at the Calhoun County Senior Fair in Marshall.
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A new MHEF grant will allow the personal I.D. products to be made avail- able statewide.
Two new programs for 2020 include the emergency respite program and the, soon to be released, music listening program called Melodious Memories.
Visit the Facebook page for regular updates or send a message; tune into WBCK for weekly information; visit the website at for event information; send an email to; call (269) 979-1412, ext. 305; or simply ask a volunteer for more information.

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