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   For Your Health
BY MARY PETERSON, CHW, Program Coordinator
   CareWell Services’ Be Well Work- shops are evidence-based programs that offer proven ways to enhance health and prevent disease among older adults. Each program is backed by solid research. These workshops are based on a study
of the effects or outcomes of specific interventions or model programs. They demonstrate reliable and consistent positive changes in important health-re- lated and functional measures. In simpler terms, if you follow the guidelines of the program, you will see an improvement in your health. This is a big deal!
benefits of exercise, slowing down and becoming more aware, reaching out for socialization, making new class friends, and more.
by dementia care specialists. This pro- gram provides participants with informa- tion, skills, and attitudes to manage stress and increase effective caregiving skills.
People always wonder if programs work. These programs do work! There
is solid research and independent studies behind evidence-based programs like our Be Well Workshops. If you follow the program model, they are likely
to produce positive outcomes. Many participants in my past classes have had positive outcomes including learning to take better care of themselves, seeing the
Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) Workshops for Chronic Pain or Diabetes are free six-week classes that teach practical skills for living a healthy life with the conditions. These classes were developed and tested by Stanford University and are designed to comple- ment your current medical treatment.
The Savvy Caregiver program helps caregivers navigate the complex role of caregiving. The in-home training pro- vides information on the course of Alz- heimer’s and the progressive impact on the person with the disease. The second part of the training helps the caregiver integrate activities to promote contented involvement with the person they are caring for into their daily life.
Take Charge of Your Health with CareWell’s Be Well Workshops
CareWell Services offers a variety of Be Well Workshops for a variety of situ- ations and conditions, including Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Creating Confident Care- givers, Matter of Balance, and Savvy Caregivers.
Matter of Balance (MOB) is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. MOB is a free program for people 60 years of age or older. Classes meet one day a week for eight weeks.
Creating Confident Caregivers
utilizes the Savvy Caregiver Program,
a university-tested program for family members caring for a loved one with dementia at home. Two hour sessions are held once a week for six weeks and led
To learn more about these pro- grams and register for upcoming workshops, contact CareWell Services at (269) 441-0930.

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