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  For Your Health
Manager, Calhoun County Senior Services
     Clinic, volunteering has been found to: decrease the risk of depression; give
a sense of purpose and teach valuable skills; help people stay physically and mentally active; and allows the volunteer to meet new friends. Volunteering also can help reduce stress levels. Studies show those who volunteer live longer than those who do not.
service that delivers nutrition and a friendly check on homebound seniors. You can volunteer once a month, once
a week or multiple days a week. Volun- teers must be at least 18 or be accompa- nied by a parent or legal adult. All vol- unteers must pass a background check. Delivering meals is a rewarding and easy way to give back to the community. Senior Services of Southwest Michigan always welcomes new volunteers at (269) 382-0515.
Have you developed an expertise
in Medicare? Volunteer Medicare and Medicaid Counselors are needed by CareWell Services’ Benefits Counseling program. Help older adults understand Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance benefits, and help seniors compare plans and sign up for Medicare Part D. Train- ing and support are offered for volun- teers in the Medicare Medicaid Assis- tance Program (MMAP). Volunteers are especially busy during Medicare Open Enrollment, October 15 through Decem- ber 7 each year. Call (269) 441-0931 for more information.
Volunteering can be a key part of aging well. When people retire and leave the workforce, they still need to continue feeling a sense of purpose in life. Those who are socially isolated are not as active as those who are engaged in their communities, and with a lack of activity comes increased health issues. Social isolation can cause increased stress lev- els. Without a support group to fall back on in hard times, stress increases, and prolonged stress has been found to have negative effects on health and well-be- ing. If you are newly retired, have recently lost a loved one, or simply want to do more, I encourage you to consider one of the many volunteer opportunities available in Calhoun County.
Volunteers are the heart and backbone of Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to rehab houses and revitalize neighbor- hoods. Crews of volunteers help con- struct ramps when the weather is good. Volunteers are needed for construction projects after attending an orientation and training, and for stocking shelves and working with donations at the Re- Store. The Battle Creek Area Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers, call (269) 966-2502.
Joining your local senior center is another way to get involved and start volunteering. Senior centers rely on their members to organize activities, work at the front desk, and provide hospitality. Call your local center to find out what is needed. Call the Forks Senior Center in Albion at (517) 629-3842, Heritage Commons in Marshall at (269) 558- 6150, or the Kool Family Community Center in Battle Creek at (269) 965- 0000. The Forks Senior Center in Al- bion and Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Battle Creek also need people to make phone calls to homebound seniors in their Telephone Reassurance Program, call (269) 963-0746.
Many nonprofit organizations serving seniors have a volunteer component
that is crucial to their programs. In fact, many of the nonprofit organizations funded by Calhoun County Senior Mill- age rely on volunteers to provide help
The Community Action’s Foster Grandparent Program provides an opportunity for low-income senior citizens to nurture and educate children in schools or childcare. Grandparents volunteer 15-40 hours a week and are provided with a program orientation; monthly in-service trainings; a uniform top with a program nametag; transpor- tation assistance to and from volunteer sites; a meal during each day worked; accident insurance; and an hourly stipend of $2.65. Volunteers must be 55 years of age or older, have an adjusted income less than 200 percent ($25,520 annually for one-person household in 2020) of the federal poverty guideline, and enjoy being with children. Call Community Action at (877) 422-2726.
to older adults in need. Finding the right place to volunteer is important. To be a joyful giver, you want to find a place and way to give where you feel appreciated and rewarded. Below are opportunities to get involved helping older adults.
No matter where you choose to volunteer, it is my hope that you find joy and a sense of fulfillment in what you do. Call today, you will be glad you did!
Meals on Wheels, or home-delivered meals, depend on volunteer drivers and hoppers. Hoppers get out of the vehicle to deliver meals and greet the seniors re- ceiving meals. Each weekday from 10am to noon, Meals on Wheels volunteers crisscross the area delivering meals to seniors in need. This is an important
Helen Guzzo, LMSW, is the Manag- er of Calhoun County Senior Services, which administers Senior Millage tax dollars. Calhoun County Senior Millage is up for renewal in the August 4, 2020 election. The 22 different Senior Millage funded programs helped 6,568 older adults in 2019. For more information, call (269) 781-0846.
Volunteering: Good for your health and your community!
Most volunteers offer their time and talents out of a desire to help other people, but volun- teering also offers the giver many benefits. In an arti- cle from the Mayo
Volunteers are an important part of the Calhoun County Medical Care Facility and Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center. Many programs and activities are offered because of the talent and commitment of volunteers. Bingo assistants, music leaders, helpers with arts & crafts, and friendly visitors are always needed. Call the Volunteer Coordinator at (269) 962-1750, exten- sion 162.

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