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   For Your Health
   NorthPointe Woods Helps Seniors Navigate Health and Wellness
It’s called Health and Wellness Navi- gationTM, a program that offers a holistic approach to total health and well-being. A highly trained team at NorthPointe Woods works personally with residents to antici- pate and address health and wellness needs.
Intellectual Wellness – When resi- dents exercise their minds – just like their bodies – they stay in shape and get even sharper with age. Ample opportunities for continuous learning are available at NorthPointe Woods.
nurturing place at NorthPointe Woods. They believe it’s an important part of whole-person wellness.
Keeping Residents Independent, Active and Well – NorthPointe Woods strives to help residents be their healthiest – their best. Professionals help individuals navigate any health needs that lie ahead, but they also help residents focus on day- to-day wellness.
Physical Wellness – The community works with residents to lay out a plan, incorporating physical activity, nutrition, preventive health screenings, even sleep and stress management.
Vocational Wellness – NorthPointe Woods considers their residents’ talents, wisdom and experience. They actively strive to provide opportunities to volun- teer – both within the community and in the surrounding area.
“At NorthPointe Woods, it means
easy access to proper nutrition that’s as healthful as it is delicious and strength and cardio exercise equipment designed to boost physical fitness,” says Ron Monte, executive director. “Overall, you’ll find
an unwavering commitment to engaging mind, body, and spirit at NorthPointe Woods. From the thoughtfully planned community amenities to the overall focus on exceptional service, residents can count on everything they need to live life to the fullest.”
Social Wellness – Since an active so- cial life increases quality of life, feelings of belonging, mental function, and lon- gevity, the culture at NorthPointe Woods involves countless opportunities for social interactions.
Health Wellness – The community emphasizes the importance of staying healthy by providing access to a Health and Wellness Center and even 24/7 on-site nursing.
Always There in Times of Need – If residents need additional assistance – from special diets, proper nutrition, and exercise, to physician follow-up or Alz- heimer’s and memory care support, the NorthPointe Woods team provides help to more efficiently navigate care needs.
Spiritual Wellness – As an essen- tial part of health and well-being, each resident’s spiritual journey finds a safe,
For more information about North- Pointe Woods, visit their website at or call (269) 964-7625 to schedule an appointment.
Environmental Wellness – North- Pointe Woods is a good citizen of the planet. The community enlists the help of residents to lead a lifestyle that is respect- ful to the environment, aiming to leave a smaller footprint on our world.
According to Monte, “For residents, Health and Wellness Navigation means
life is more carefree, with total wellness programming and health care coordination as needed inside or outside the community. For families, it means peace of mind – a team of professionals who know just what to do for the well-being of your loved one.”
 Additionally, the Health and Wellness Navigation team coordinates necessary resources, ensuring peace of mind and confidence about the future. For example, after surgery, a Navigator will coordinate services like transportation, follow-up appointments, post-acute care or in-res- idence wellness checks and delivery of specific nutritional meals prescribed by the resident’s physician.
Health and Wellness Navigation takes the burden off families, knowing the Navigation team assists whenever care is needed – inside and outside NorthPointe Woods.
Quality of Life Is Multi-Dimensional – “We guide residents through the many programs, services and amenities offered at NorthPointe Woods, with a focus on
all eight dimensions of wellness to ensure overall well-being,” says Monte.
Emotional Wellness – The friendship and camaraderie residents encounter
at NorthPointe Woods is up-lifting and life-affirming. The wellness philosophy encourages mindfulness, playfulness, laughter, and good times.

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