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say holy bananas.” There are also those who think... “Rick”... doesn’t have any meaning at all... either. And those kind folks get to hear the phrase the most. “Holy bananas!”
An old co-worker of mine, Matt Travis, was not a man who cursed. His idea of a four-letter word – usually had FIVE letters – and he STILL apologized for using THAT word. I miss Matt.
Shari Harris. What a delightful soul. She worked for me for a time. I miss her on gray days. She could light up a room. Anyway, Shari, told me some kind of
a story. I can’t give you details about
the story. I don’t even remember what the story was about. But, when she finished, I said... “Holy bananas!”
I have no idea the first time I heard
it. Oh heck, I can’t even really say that
I didn’t make it up myself!” Nah, I ain’t that smart. Just the same, it hangs there waiting for me. “You’re mom just ran a marathon?” Holy bananas! Good for her. (Insert chuckle here). Did she finish?” “Really? Good for her. Holy bananas!”
I mention the anecdote above be- cause... maybe I started saying, “Holy bananas!” – when I made a REAL attempt at eliminating “bad words” from my vocabulary. It seemed like a good idea to make Matt more comfortable with me.
I did a pretty good job for a while. Heck, I was even a little bit proud about my progress. Then, I spent a couple days with some OLD buddies – you can guess... it was like I never, ever got off the train. OLD habits never die. Holy bananas!
She laughed that kind of laugh where she had to hide her nose. You know, just in case some of that laughter came out from her sinuses! Then, through her wide smile, Shari said... “Where did you ever hear that phrase?”
“Oh... my... GOODNESS!” I can’t use the word bananas when talking to Charley (my granddaughter). If you say “it,” she’ll run to the kitchen, shake the safety gait, then she will insist on having a banana. So I say, “Oh... my... GOOD- NESS!” With a A LOT of emphasis on
I was mystified that she’d never heard me say it. “I SAY IT all the time Shari!”
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“Holy bananas!”
“goodness.” It always makes her laugh. Why? No clue. To which I say... “Holy bananas!”
days amongst the folks here at work. Her mom, Christyn (my niece), was a daily part of the staff during that time. Kenzy took a liking to me. Gosh, I felt important... “Untle Rit, Untle Rit!”
There it is. Warming. Alarming. And has absolutely no meaning at all!
I think I may have injected the phrase into my arsenal of reactions. You know... go-to words that’ll give you a little time to come up with a more graceful reply. Something – with enough practice – that can shoot out of your mouth automatically as you think of the right thing to say.
I say it all the time. I have friends who will say... “Only Rick would
Kenzy – like all babies – began to mimic words and phrases. Mimicking is good practice to learn words. I said “Holy bananas!” more times than I can count. One of my best days was when she said “it” back to me. Holy bananas!
“Holy bananas!”
My grandniece, Kenzy, spent her early
She replied... “Well it’s hysterical!” Then I replied... “Holy bananas!”
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