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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek
Birthing services and newborn care at Bronson Battle Creek.
Pediatric nurse practitioners are on-site 24/7 at the BirthPlace in Battle Creek. PNPs are specially trained to handle newborn emergencies, so babies receive immediate, expert medical attention if they need it.
In addition to making sure babies are cared for at the hospital, it’s also important that parents and caregivers have the education and confidence to make sure their baby has a successful transition when they go home.
• Providing families with information on safe sleep practices to help reduce infant related sleep deaths
• Partnering with lactation experts to help new moms become more com- fortable with breastfeeding
• Encouraging skin-to-skin because the benefits to both parents and babies are numerous in those first few days of life.
• Offering support groups to guide moms as they adjust to life with a new baby
• Screening moms and providing resources to help with perinatal mood disorders.
Charlotte Rensberger, PNP, of Bron- son Newborn Hospital Specialists is a long-time Battle Creek resident and is proud to provide exceptional care to the community where she lives.
Danielle and her husband, Tony, welcomed both of their children at Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek. “I would encourage all expecting parents to consider delivering their baby at the Bronson BirthPlace in Battle Creek – it’s amazing to have access to such high quality care right here in our community,” said Danielle. “It gave
me such peace of mind to know I was only a 10 minute drive from the care and expertise we needed to keep my baby and me safe and healthy.” Read Danielle’s full Positivity story at
For more information
about birthing services and newborn care at Bronson Battle Creek, visit birthplace-bbc or contact the Bronson BirthPlace directly at (269) 245-8400.
As a mom, I know that expecting a baby is an exciting and emotional time for new parents. You want to provide the absolute best for your child, in- cluding the care your baby will receive when it’s time to deliver. Whether he or she is perfectly healthy or faces chal- lenges, having consistent, expert care helps to get the baby and family started on the right track.
Newborn Care
I am one of the seven pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) who see newborns
at Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek. As part of the Newborn Hospitalist Program, PNPs partner with the inpatient pediatric physicians, also known as newborn hospi- talists, to provide care for infants from birth until they are discharged from the hospital and going home for the first time.
We facilitate that by:
For many newborns, their first encounter with a healthcare provider
is with a PNP. PNPs attend all high-
risk deliveries and Cesarean-sections (C-sections). We also complete the new- borns’ assessments, routine procedures, and spend time educating parents and
caregivers. The newborn hospitalist team ensures that every baby gets
the care they need efficiently, and consistently. All care
is recorded in Bronson’s electronic health record
system which is available to parents online via Bronson MyChart.
Family Support

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