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Did You Know?
right here in Battle Creek. Music First
is a curriculum to introduce music to
the very young. In fact, Teri’s youngest student to date was two weeks old! Both of Teri’s daughters, Annabelle (4) and Skyler (2) have experienced the class taught by their Mom. Teri’s youngest, Skyler, was born with a heart defect that has meant three open heart surgeries by the time she was 18 months and another one coming in the spring of 2020. But, because Skyler experienced Music
part of Music First is sometimes we
are looking for things to do to interact with our children when they are young and this is a great activity,” she says. “There’s science behind what we are teaching. The Gordon Theory is that music is taught as a language so when we are teaching children when they are young they internalize it and it becomes part of their language. When they learn it later it’s not foreign to them because they were exposed to it at an early age.”
First when she was six months old, and cleared by her medical team, “...she was on target with everything that was auditory and it was because of Music First,” says her Mom Teri with a big smile.
Teri is working on developing Music Second to fill in a gap found at the Mu- sic Center. Music First is for zero to five years old and the choruses start with kids who are seven or eight. Music Sec- ond could be a logical filler since there is something for everyone at the Music Center: music classes, choruses, or the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra.
Teri comes from a long line of caring, giving people in our community. Her paternal grandmother was Betty Christ, her grandfather is Chris Christ, great aunt and uncle Carolyn and Pete Christ, and Mom & Dad Jill and John Christ. “They taught me how fortunate I was to live in this community and the idea of giving back to make this com- munity better,” says Teri. “I Believe in Battle Creek!”
Teri’s home life is probably no different than most Moms...she shares
a home with husband Adam, who is
the music director at Lake Wood High School in Lake Odessa, and their two daughters, Annabelle and Skyler. She spends Monday through Wednesday at her office for What A Do Theatre Com- pany, at least one but probably more Music First classes either at the Music Center or at another off-site facility (it depends on what the need is in the com- munity), then picks up the girls from pre-school to spend all day Friday with them and family time on the weekends. Teri and Adam met in marching band
at WMU so the girls come by music naturally, sort of like how Teri comes by loving her community naturally (maiden name Christ), working for the Music Center naturally (she is a Music School alum), and oh yes, being in theatre (she is an alum of Junior Theatre). You can reach Teri at CMSBattleCreek@Your-
So how did she get involved with all these kids... and don’t I know her from
Teri credits a course she took at Michigan State University, funded by a
T. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell /
Did you know the meaning of audiation? Did you know that word exists? I learned it from Teri Noaeill (Christ) who teach- es Music First for the Music Center
Teri Noaeill
the theatre as well? Why yes, you do. Teri is the Executive Director of the What A Do Theatre Company’s Youth Program and that came about because she was teaching elementary school in Lakeview, teaching Music First for the Music Center, auditioning for a part in
a musical, and someone thought she could help add a youth program to What a Do. With her degree in Early Elemen- tary Education from Western Michigan University and her love of all things in the arts, Teri was a logical choice to do all these tasks. OK, she gave up teach- ing public school, “...but I followed my heart and work with kids in the arts,” Teri tells me. “I get inspired by the kids I work with. When I see that spark in their eye that they just learned some- thing, there’s nothing better than that.”
grant, called the Gordon Music Learn- ing Theory for learning the basics of how music relates to early childhood, “ children audiate and listen to sounds.” I looked it up... audiate comes from the Gordon Music Learning The- ory. “...the term for the ability to think music in the mind with understanding.” Teri told me, “I think the amazing

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