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then give you his thumbs up.
In 1980 I bought a bright yellow
When late July arrived, Terri and I were determined to enjoy our annual anniversary weekend in South Haven. After finishing dinner, and readying for a night on the town, my phone rang. “We’re taking Dad to the hospital.”
1974 Gremlin. It was the first car I’d buy with my own money. It tickles me when I remember making the monthly payments at the bank... $77.00... all in one-dollar bills.
Spring was a flurry. My daughter would be marrying in early June. Nailing down the activities, the venue, the menu, the flowers, the service, the invitations, the signs, the cake trays... the, the, the – it was endless.
I was ANXIOUS for it to be over.
We chased him around to five different hospitals in two states. And exactly one month later my family mourned my father’s passing. He has left behind a MOUNTAIN of possessions. It’ll take my sister’s and I
I was a waiter.
So Bob pulls me aside to let me know
at least a year to empty his home, his extra storage buildings, and his antique booths.
that he just read that yellow cars were the safest cars to buy. The article highlighted
the fact that the color yellow is the easiest to see. Of course we’d share a laugh a few days later when he backed into my yellow car in the driveway. “I guess you never saw it!”
In April I lost a good friend. After 15 years of carting me and my endless supplies from the hardware store... Red... my beloved PT Cruiser, took his last ride. It hap- pened on my way to pick up my Dad for our monthly day together at his antique booths. We didn’t go. He didn’t feel well.
And yet, as I bang this all out on my keyboard... I’m smiling. The thoughts of my granddaughter’s face after her first bite of turkey, the confused look in her eyes as she’s encouraged to tear open packages, the screaming joy as she runs with abandon through wrapping paper... those thoughts, those thoughts, keep my wheels turning.
I said.
That was almost 40 years ago – my gosh.
June 1st – the HAILSTORM! Ah, the timing was wonderful. Now having the opportunity to replace the roof, the siding, the gutters, the window covers, and un-dent my wife’s car at a minimal cost should be an exciting time – BUT – not a week before the wedding! A wave of phone calls, emails,
It’s hard to imagine making the next big decision without telling him. Heaven knows I’ll need a supportive voice. I will miss him deeply.
To every reader, every advertiser, every friend, and every one in our family... smile this holiday season. And hug your happy thoughts tightly.
2019? Well, it has been a punch in the gut for sure.
My father-in- law, Bob Melekian, always had a way
of making your de- cisions sound like a good idea. He would go to the trouble to unearth some info that was supportive, report it to you, and
Oh, It started out pretty good. By the
end of January I had my new office looking pretty nice. I was awfully proud to at last have an office of my own. The rest of winter went by frigidly.
and contractor quotes would gouge out a big chunk of my summer.
Happy Thoughts
In early spring during my wife and I’s yearly visit to my in-law’s winter home in Florida they let us know that they would probably be putting the home up for sale. The long drive, and distance from family were among the reasons for their decision. I was disappointed for them... and for me, too.
The wedding came and went. As is most often the case... it was a delight. I kept think- ing how much my Mom would have loved the day. Dad went home early – he wasn’t feeling well.
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