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worry about offending friends and family who share their holiday treats, and feeling like you’re missing out on the holiday experience – that it can often make it
Remember, we gather to experience the people, more than the food... okay, maybe not, but if you want to keep your weight loss momentum, try having extra helpings of conversation. :-)
feel like it’s just not worth it. So, from someone with experience in both holiday indulgence, and holiday abstinence, let me offer some insights.
Worrying about Offending Friends and Family
hard work you’ve put in for the last few months, or longer?
How to Face the Constant Temptations of Socializing
This one, to me, is the easiest. Use honesty. Tell people how hard you’re working on your health, and how much you appreciate their generosity, but you could really use their understanding. Your friends and family will understand. And, for those who don’t, remember that is their problem, not yours. Anyone who doesn’t fully support someone’s journey to health is often dealing with their own demons about their health or self confi- dence. Don’t be upset, be understanding. In the upcoming months you may be the inspiration for that person to start their own journey to health.
First, prepare yourself. If you are going to a holiday event, make sure you bring your emergency safety snacks. For me, it’s bringing something like a Quest Bar, or a ONE bar, or one of the snacks
I make at home, like a power bar or a small portion of granola. That way, if my sweet tooth won’t stay quiet, I can hush it with one of my favorite, safe treats. And I remember to keep it to one, not a few.
Second, don’t be afraid to eat before you go. If you’re unsure if there will
be a healthy choice for you at an event, take away the risk and eat ahead of time. Yes, you’ll still smell the temptations, but you’ll be far less likely to indulge if you’ve already satisfied your hunger.
Feeling Like You’re Missing Out
I wish you all the happiest of holidays, and an amazingly healthy New Year!
Navigating the holidays while try- ing to stick to your healthy diet can seem like an impos- ing predicament. So many factors make it difficult – con- stant temptations,
Lastly, when all else fails, choose the lesser of all the dangers. Go for protein. Most holiday parties will at least have some type of meat – chicken, steak, pork, go for any or all of it. From a weight loss standpoint, a little extra protein will do far less harm than extra sweet treats. For our vegetarian friends, go for the veggies (and hopefully they are not trapped in a casserole).
holiday, special occasions, and birthdays. BUT, I remember why I don’t indulge
in a tasty treat now and then – I’m an addict, and I can’t stop once I start. I don’t know how to have “one bite,” “just a taste,” or any form of “a little bit.” For those of you that know how to have “just a taste,” congratulations, and enjoy your holiday treat. For those of you like me, remember that one taste can lead to one night, which can turn into one weekend, which can turn into... you get what I’m saying. Every single weight loss failure started with one bite. Is that Christmas cookie worth the risk of erasing the
Our emotional connection to food is even stronger this time of year, because for most of us our emotional connec- tions to memories of the people we love, and often miss, are stronger this time of year. So take a second when you feel the irresistible draw to that Christ- mas Fudge like grandma used to make, and understand that you’re not drawn
so much to the fudge, but to the hope that it will bring back that connection
to grandma, if even for a minute. And, with that being said, I completely un- derstand the desperate need for that bite. I’d even understand if you had that bite. But surround yourself with support, so that one bite doesn’t turn into a free fall from your healthy goals.
How To Beat Holiday Temptations
I’m 11 years into my weight loss jour- ney, and this feeling still hits me every
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