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follow through? More often than not, the big-box and online stores win out and dominate our holiday shopping.
Another Battle Creek business owner, Keith Manning, affirmed that when you shop local at his establishment, Jack Pearl’s Team Sports, the money doesn’t just go up the corporate chain.
There is so much insight to gain from our local entrepreneurs! Stop by and visit them this holiday season. They are eager to help you choose the right gifts and services, and this experience will help you understand why shopping local is so uniquely personal.
But by looking at how much more special the local shopping experience is, and how deeply it can impact where you live, you can see why shopping local is the way to go this season.
It’s a special experience shopping local. Unique gifts, outstanding customer service, and supporting those who support our community are things that only come with shopping where you live.
“When people shop with us, we return the favor by supporting other local busi- nesses... purchasing any products that we can through locally-owned stores, as well as supporting our school systems through buying ads, and offering discounts on items,” he said. There is nothing more valuable than spending money where you know it will go back to your community.
It takes a community to build a local economy. Encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else you know
to shop local for the holidays! If we all take on that mentality this holiday season, together we can make the difference for Battle Creek local businesses.
Mike Wood, owner of Battle Creek’s Mike’s Team Active Bikes said, “Qual- ity products and quality service will
Tara Hampton, owner of three Battle Creek businesses – 32 Social, Fitness Loft, and the Hampton Building – could not have said it better:
We have all heard the reasons, statistics, impact, and value of why you should shop local, and most of us can agree that it’s important. How many of us really
never go out of style, and that is where Battle Creek small businesses can shine!”
“The value of shopping local means to support a community you desire to see thrive and grow. It ultimately supports great services and/or options to be available for our direct benefit. Often, shopping local means that you know there is a direct, personal impact to an entrepreneur within a community you care about, and with that success comes an inspiration for other businesses/ entrepreneurs to invest.”
Shop Local, Build Your Local Economy
Local small businesses are owned by our neighbors, family, and friends who have an interest in making our shopping experience the best it can be.
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