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BY ZINTA AISTARS for Family & Children Services
The mission of Family & Children Services for 116 years has been to extend care to all who are in need. Our work
has always been to ensure that no one
is forgotten or left behind. Located at 778 Columbia Avenue in Battle Creek and 1608 Lake Street in Kalamazoo, we serve the communities of greater Battle Creek, Marshall, and Kalamazoo.
mental health, mental health case man- agement and coordination, youth social and emotional learning. Substance use disorder services help clients get through their most difficult times, dealing with withdrawal and learning to live sub- stance free.
“For many, we are their last source of hope,” says Courtenay VanderMolen, Director of Resource Development. “Family & Children Services supports, strengthens and preserves the safety, well-being and dignity of children, indi- viduals, and families.”
“All services are strength-based and client-centered, supporting individu- als and families as they create healthy changes in their lives,” VanderMolen says.
Our legacy is to serve our community members—whether suffering through the struggles of addiction, coping with an emotional or mental health crisis, dealing with the effects of poverty, or striving for a better life under challenging circum- stances, Family & Children Services offers a continuum of behavioral health, child welfare and crisis services.
Crisis intervention programs help youth experiencing mental health and/or addiction crises. Child welfare services include foster care and prevention/crisis programs, supervised parenting time, and parent education and coaching.
For the needs that arise often without warning, the agency’s HANDLE WITH CARE annual fund provides when other community resources are unavailable. HANDLE WITH CARE helps when
That No One Be Without Hope
Behavioral health services include, in some areas, outpatient and school-based counseling, home and community-based
a rent or mortgage payment comes up short, a car breaks down, a family needs beds or cribs, medical expenses arise, or there is a need for public transporta- tion to get to work or school. HANDLE WITH CARE also helps with educa- tional supplies and tutoring, funeral expenses, utilities, household emergen- cies, trauma counseling, or other urgent needs. Every dollar donated to the fund goes to help those in our community who have run out of options.
Another unique opportunity for do- nors is the HOLIDAY GIVING program, supporting children and families through the long months of Michigan winters.
In an effort to bring some happiness to the holidays for every member in our community, Family & Children Services matches donors with client needs. When a therapist or agency worker hears about an unmet need during the holiday season for gifts and toys, food, household supplies, and/or personal care items for deserving children and families, a holi- day miracle of renewed hope can happen when that match is made.
Family & Children Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is ac- credited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children (COA), and is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Child Placing Agency, Child Caring Institution (Children’s Therapeutic Group Home), and Sub- stance Abuse Program.
To learn more about Family & Chil- dren Services programs and services, and to learn more about ways to give, please visit or visit us on Facebook at @fcsource.

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