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   “You should get a weed wacker. You’re gonna hurt your back.” I re- plied with a laugh, “But it feels so good when I stand up!”
The gal who delivers our mail shook her head with a
smile, “Have a great day.”
Weed wackers – a modern conve-
nience. I hate them. Change the string, fill the tank, or unravel the chord, get your feet covered in tiny grass clippings that don’t brush off, accidentally look the other way and take out a chunk of lawn. Modern convenience? Meh. Good old-fashioned hand shears for me – bad back and all.
Traveling through life your need of conveniences will be determined by your inconveniences. How you handle those inconveniences is usually decided by experience, compromise, and most importantly... CASH.
Since I didn’t have extra CASH during my early years as a homeowner, the hand shears picked up at a garage sale were my only choice. Oh sure, I eventually was
able to purchase a weed wacker – in fact I’ve had three. All three gave me so much trouble (mostly the gnarly string) that I ended up going back to hand shears. I will admit to buying some fancier hand shears... they’re wonderful!
I sat in on a conversation with a couple of my wife’s brothers as they comparedtheconveniencesfeaturedon their snow blowers. I didn’t have much to offer to the conversation... I don’t have one. When I chimed in... “Mine has a yellow handle.” They just bobbed their heads, and kept talking. I don’t think they got the joke.
You see I treat shoveling snow as an opportunity to do a little winter yard work. I love working in the yard, and from December into March – snow (while inconvenient at times) gives me a reason to be outside. I think I have seven or eight different kinds of shovels. All of them provide a specific conve- nience when playing in the yard, and my yellow-handled snow shovel is a prized possession.
Spring is nearly here! As the days warm up and the sun stays out a little longer, I start talking to the lawn mower – it’s one of my favorite
conveniences! “Soon my friend, very soon,” I’ll say. I have a new mower now. Not brand new – it came with the house – I recently moved into a new home. It’ll be my fourth lawn mower.
He (my new lawn mower) has already realized his prominence in the garage. We’ll be good friends. He has all theconveniencesofmypastmowers... a sharp blade and dependable motor. He isn’t self-propelled – so he’s light – and goes along at the speed I want to go. He does have a bag attachment – I won’t use it. I find it inconvenient to empty the darn thing.
So, I’ve taken all this time to relish and compliment my tools of convenience because betrayal is close at hand. I’m looking over the top of my computer at an owner’s manual. I’m apprehensive. Guilt, and compromise are seeping in.
I live on a corner lot now. Doubling my old lot’s length of roadside lawn. And, now I have 75 feet or more of side- walk. It’ll be much more trimming than I have ever had before. I can just make out the lettering at the top of the manual... “Getting To Know Your Lawn Trimmer.”
Wow, what a convenient title. I’ll let you know how it works out.
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