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                    Fun With Food
   Though I try to go through cup- boards often, every once in a while you reach in for a can of beans and look at it only to find it is past its expiration date. “It can’t be,” you
think, I just bought this!” And then you start rummaging through the rest of the cans and boxes and pretty soon, you have a trash bag full of old food and open shelves. Now you have some space to fill carefully with fresh items that you know you will use. Here are my recommendations for a well-stocked pantry.
CUPBOARD: various cans of soup, both for cooking and lunch (I can’t cook all the time!); beef, chicken, and ham ‘Better than Bouillon’ soup base, (these add flavor to almost anything; refrigerate after opening); cans of tomatoes, both whole and diced with flavors like basil and oregano, (nearly instant spaghetti sauce); spaghetti sauce, jar of roasted red pepper (blend in blender to make a quick sauce or dip); cans of green beans, spinach, and creamed corn (I like canned beans better than frozen, spinach makes a great soufflé, and creamed corn makes a quick soup); jars and cans of beans including refried, (I like a jar of northern beans so I can make a quick soup or blend in food processor with jar of salsa and some cilantro for a quick bean dip); salsa, mild green chil- ies, olives; assorted boxes of pasta, rice, couscous, vanilla and chocolate cake mix- es (then I can doctor them to any flavor); bread crumbs, both Italian flavored, and panko; cocoa, molasses, light corn syrup; Wondra (sifted flour great for thicken- ing sauces and soups without the lumps); peanut butter, coconut milk, sweetened and evaporated milks, canned pumpkin (you can use it to flavor anything from chili to cookies); assorted cereals, both for eating and for whipping up a fast treat;
Cupboard Cleaning Time
marshmallows, honey, oatmeal, grits, corn- meal, assorted types of nuts, graham cracker pie crusts, dried fruits, (I like dried cherries for making muffins, scones, and grano- la); assorted crackers, tortillas, and salty snacks; and of course, cat food and treats (obviously not for human consumption!).
Using these items from the cupboard along with your fresh and frozen foods, you can create hundreds of delicious meals and always be ready for a quick party too. The spice cupboard we will tackle that another time because that list is almost as long! Happy cooking!
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