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Supporting Entrepreneurs with the ESO Network
   The staff of the Small Business De- velopment Fund supports the City of Battle Creek with small business development ser- vices and programs customized to best
meet the needs of individual business owners. In order to efficiently and effec- tively serve the needs of businesses at all stages of development, the team has launched an Entrepreneur Support Orga- nization (ESO) Network to include local and regional organizations that support entrepreneurs and small businesses in- cluding Generation E Institute (GenEI) and the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce (Chamber). “The beauty of the ESO Network is the continual refer- ral process to manage the pipeline of en- trepreneurs while leveraging resources to support their growth,” noted Valerie
Byrnes, business development and re- tention manager. “Our partners focus on areas that supplement the work we do and vice versa,” she added.
Speaking of an entrepreneur pipeline, the local efforts of Battle Creek-based non-profit organization, GenEI, are to empower local youth with skills and knowledge that can benefit students to be job ready and entrepreneurial-mind- ed. GenEI is recognized across the state and nation as a resource for youth entre- preneurship having reached over 24,000 students over the past 12 years. Their results indicate success that inspires and guides creative thinking and is support- ed by data showing that entrepreneurial education also prepares students to com- pete in tomorrow’s economy. Research commissioned by the National Foun- dation for Teaching Entrepreneurship found the following results when youth participated in entrepreneurship pro- grams:
• Interest in attending college increased 32 percent.
• Occupational aspirations increased 44 percent.
• Independent reading increased 4 percent.
• Leadership behavior increased 8.5 percent.
• Belief that attaining one’s goals is within one’s control increased.
The Chamber prepares youth for em- ployment through relevant work expe- rience as interns. As part of the Small Business Action Team of the BC Vision, the Chamber facilitates intern placement at businesses and non-profit agencies across the city. Providing students with practical applications of knowledge pro- vides an opportunity for students to grow problem solving skills and develop inter- personal skill sets sought by employers.
The Small Busi- ness Development team leverages the time and talents of an enterprising student of St. Phil- ip Catholic Cen- tral High School through the Cham- ber program. Senior
Lilianna Robinson is a member of Student Council, an avid athlete on the basketball, soccer, and tennis teams, and a member of Interact Club. Lili’s role is to collect data through research, compile information, and standardize the collection process. Her work assists our team to better under- stand our business base. In turn, Lili gains experience through team-based interac- tion improving communication and or- ganizational skills. “I am benefiting from the work by gaining hands-on experience. I enjoy learning more about what it takes to be in business,” stated Lilianna.
“The intent is to inspire Lili to keep “Believing in Battle Creek” as she pre- pares to find the career of her dreams,” Byrnes noted.
The Small Business Development Fund is a team of professionals supporting the City of Battle Creek’s mission to grow and strengthen local small business. Please email smallbusinessinfo@ with inquiries.
   Lilianna Robinson
Small Business Development Fund - City of Battle Creek
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