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Kindergarten Readiness and New Young Fives Support
 BY BLAKE PREWITT, Superintendent
  It may seem hard to believe but preparations to welcome the next class of Lakeview Spartans are al- ready in full swing. This is the time of
year when educators begin hearing one of our most frequently asked questions, “Is my child ready for kindergarten?”
The simple answer is that in the State of Michigan, children who turn five by September 1 are eligible for kindergar- ten. Children who turn five by Decem- ber 1 and are developmentally ready may attend kindergarten with a waiver.
But for some parents, knowing their child’s individual strengths and needs, the answer is not that simple. We hope to keep the answer simple for Lakeview parents by expanding our kindergarten program to help meet the needs of more families considering the next step in their child’s education.
Starting next fall, Lakeview School District will offer a new Young Fives program in addition to the traditional kindergarten option.
One marker of an excellent kinder- garten program is providing an educa- tional experience with the flexibility to meet individual student needs. Lakev- iew’s highly qualified kindergarten staff recognize each child as an indi- vidual with unique academic and social strengths. Students thrive in a nurturing environment that supports each child’s transition into formal education follow- ing rigorous standards that challenge students to grow academically and so- cially in preparation for school success in first grade and beyond.
The new Young Fives program will cater to those students who are devel- opmentally young and would benefit from additional social and/or academic supports in preparation for the rigors of kindergarten. Young Fives provides a bridge between preschool and kin- dergarten providing students time and support to develop core academic skills, strong social emotional skills, and pos- itive self-esteem under the care and
guidance of professional educators ex- perienced in early childhood develop- ment. Young Fives is a full-day program that follows the regular school calendar.
Lakeview parents and caregivers now have options to help make the decision of kindergarten readiness easier. Those
interested in additional information re- garding kindergarten and Young Fives programs are encouraged to attend one of four Kindergarten Round-Up events being offered in March. Additional in- formation is also available on the district website at
   Will your child attend
Kindergarten at Lakeview
Incoming kindergarten students & families are invited to:
next fall?
Now Offering Young Fives Early Kindergarten
 • • •
Learn about kindergarten readiness, preparing for the first day of school and enrolling your child
Receive information on bussing, school meals and child care
Visit kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers and get to know other students and families
Kindergarten Open Houses
Monday, March 19
6:00-7:00 p.m. Riverside Elementary 650 Riverside Drive
Wednesday, March 21
6:00-7:00 p.m. Westlake Elementary 1184 South 24th Street
Tuesday, March 20
6:00-7:00 p.m. Prairieview Elementary 1675 Iroquois Avenue
Thursday, March 22
6:00-7:00 p.m. Minges Brook Elementary 435 Lincoln Hill Drive
                         Learn more! (269) 565-2406

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