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BY JAKE VANDEPOL, Athletic and Operations Director
   At Calhoun Christian School, sports are so much more than just sports. In fact, we don’t even like to refer to them as sports, preferring to call them ‘education- al athletics.’ The term educational ath- letics is not something we have come up with, rather it is foundational to the mis- sion of the MHSAA and what we hope athletics provide for our student-athletes at Calhoun Christian School.
Educational athletics is much more than simply learning from playing sports, displaying excellent sportsmanship or be- ing a team player. We think of them as educational athletics because the purpose is not competition or winning. We cer- tainly compete to the best of our abilities and strive to come out victorious, but it is not our purpose. Educational athletics encompass the development of the whole student athlete; mind, body, and soul.
The MIAA has an excellent answer to the question, “What is educational athlet- ics?” They wrote:
More Than Just Sports
• Interscholastic athletic competition
is an extension of the classroom and an educational activity that provides outstanding opportunities to teach life lessons.
• Through participation in an education- al athletics programs, student-athletes learn the values and skills that help prepare them for the future.
• Leadership, goal setting, teamwork, decision making, perseverance, integ- rity, sacrifice, healthy competition, and overcoming adversity are inherent in the interscholastic athletic framework and also support the academic mission of schools.
• Student-athletes earn the privilege to participate by succeeding academical- ly, and the resulting positive outcomes continue far beyond graduation.
• These programs exist to prepare young men and women for the next level of life, not the next level of athletics.
• Wins are achieved through athletics
by developing successful athletes and teams, but more importantly, wins are achieved through the education experience by developing successful and responsible students, leaders, and community members.
• The positive educational outcomes of interscholastic athletics do not happen by chance. They happen because teacher-coaches and school adminis- tration adopt an intentional and pur- poseful approach to the interscholastic athletic experience.
At Calhoun Christian School the above listed principles are essential to the focus of our athletic department. By providing our students an opportunity to participate in educational athletics we are not only preparing them to be successful in the classroom, we are giving them the skills needed to be leaders in their com- munities after they graduate. We are de- veloping good sportsmen, that not only excel on the field of competition, but live out the mission statement of our school which includes upholding God’s truth and challenging children to serve.
As students and faculty of a Christian School we are tasked with being a light to the world. Participation in athletics with other schools allows the opportuni- ty to go out in the community and show others what life is like to walk in the grace and mercy of God. Our students are held to high behavioral standards and are encouraged to treat all their oppo- nents with respect and dignity, whether they win or lose.
At Calhoun Christian School we are proud to be a member of the MHSAA and to provide exceptional opportunities for students in grades 6-12 to participate in educational athletics.
We offer volleyball and basketball to middle school students as well as vol- leyball, basketball, and soccer to high school students. We also benefit from a great relationship with St. Philip Catho- lic Central, which allows our students to participate on their cross country, base- ball, softball, and track teams. We are also excited to be partnering with them starting next school year to offer our stu- dent-athletes the ability to play football with St. Phil.
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• K-12 Foreign Language
• Dual Enrollment
• Full-Day 3-year-old Preschool to High School Graduation
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