Page 7 - Scene Magazine 42-10 October 2017
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To reach the Battle Creek facility please dial
(269) 966-5600 or the VA Help Line at 888-214-1247.
• The courtesy shuttle page contains informa- tion about the Veterans Transportation Service, as well as shuttle schedules. Ext. 33871
• In Customer Service patient advocates as- sist with addressing Veterans questions, needs, or issues in a proactive, convenient, and timely manner. Ext. 31980
• Comprehensive dental services including but not limited to exams, X-rays, fillings, dentures and oral surgery to eligible Veterans. Ext. 35425
• The Domiciliary is a 40-bed Psychosocial RRTP unit, which serves Veterans with a variety of mental health, substance use and psychosocial stressors. Ext. 30085
• The Employee Wellness Program is a holistic program offering various events and assistance in all wellness aspects- physical, emotional, and psychological. Ext. 33926
• No appointment flu shot clinics available during the fall at all locations.
• The Former Prisoner of War Advocate assists FPOWs with questions and concerns on related disability claims. Ext. 35184
• Home Based Primary Care is an interdisci- plinary primary home care. Ext. 35303
• The central goal of the Homeless Continuum of Care is to end homelessness among Veter- ans through outreach efforts and community partnerships. Ext. 31648
• For those in the process of pre-employment
or pre-rotation within the Battle Creek Health Care Delivery System, Human Resources can find the information needed to speed up the process, Ext. 35239
• The inpatient medical unit admits patients for substance abuse detoxification, medical care, and accepts palliative care Veterans. Ext. 35353
• A team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Primary Care Providers, Social Workers, Nursing, and Peer staff partner with Veterans on their recov- ery journey with inpatient mental health. Ext. 33056
• The Rehabilitation Services program provides kinesiotherapy care to Veterans with a wide variety of functional impairments. Ext. 33926
• Laboratory and pathology services provide blood drawing and a broad range of clinical laboratory testing on a variety of specimens. Ext. 31264
• This program allows Veterans to live in a home environment with a state of Michigan licensed foster home. (269) 223-5635 or Ext. 35635
• Overnight lodging. Ext. 32584
• Medical Social Work/Non-VA Care assists
Veterans and their caregivers in many ways, with the primary aim of providing support to Veterans aging in place at home. Ext. 31644
• The Mental Health Intensive Case Man- agement team meets with Veterans in the community, provides medication monitoring,
crisis intervention and resolution, and develops
linkages to community resources. Ext. 30054 • Mental Health Service provides patient-
centered care to our Veterans that is inclusive, respectful, caring and focused on quality and safety. Ext. 35346
• MOVE is a national weight management program. (269) 223-5499
• My HealtheVet is a web-based application. Ext. 30604
• The Neuropsychology Assessment Clinic provides specialized assessment of thinking, memory, mood, personality and other cognitive abilities. Ext. 31155
• The Nursing Escort Section provides a Nursing Assistant to escort inpatients to clinic appointments as requested. Ext. 33810
• Nutrition and Food Service provides comprehensive nutrition care to Veterans and their families through a broad range of pro- grams and services utilizing evidenced based nutrition care. Ext. 35381
• We provide comprehensive nutrition counseling care to Veterans and promote healthy lifestyles and disease management and prevention through diet. Ext. 35381
• The Occupational Therapy Program at the Battle Creek VAMC and Wyoming HCC provides assessments including basic independent living training and home management. Ext. 35301

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