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Serving Se Those That
Veterans living in the Calhoun County area have not one, but two, resources for assistance and services. The Calhoun County Veterans Affairs, which is funded through a county millage, and
the Battle Creek Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC).
You may be eligible for VA benefits if you are:
• A Veteran
• A Veteran’s dependent
• A surviving spouse, child or parent of a de- ceased Veteran
• An active duty military service member
• A member of the Reserve or National Guard
How Do I Apply? The VA offers several ways to apply for your benefits depending on your category and status.
The Pre-Discharge Program: A joint VA and Department of Defense (DoD) program that affords service members the opportunity to file claims for disability compensation up to 180 days prior to separation or retirement from active duty or full time National Guard or Reserve duty.
The VONAPP (Veterans On Line Application) - The eBenefits website is an official VA web site that enables service members, veterans and their beneficiaries, and other designated individuals to apply for benefits using the Internet.
Apply at your Local Regional Offices – VA regional offices can assist you with filing the appropriate VA forms.
A unique federal resource in our community is the Battle Creek VAMC. The VA can provide health care and benefits assistance if you have served on active duty or have been activated as a mem- ber of the National Guard or Reserve. If you are a discharged Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or Operation New Dawn (OEF/OIF/OND), the VA can provide you medical care for five years from your military discharge date for conditions you believe are related to your military service regardless of your income or eligibility.
Veterans who served in a theater of combat operations also have special eligibility for VA health care. Under the “Combat Veteran” authority VA pro- vides cost-free health care services and nursing home care for conditions possibly related to military service and enrollment. Additionally, for care not related to combat service, copays may be required depending on their financial assessment and other special eligibility factors.
The Battle Creek VA Medical Center offers a variety of health services to meet the needs of our nation’s Veterans. A brief outline of their services is listed below. To reach the Battle Creek facility please dial (269) 966-5600 or the VA Help Line at 888-214-1247. Extensions are listed below as well.
For information on making or changing an appointment call 888-838-6446.
• Audiology Service is dedicated to providing high quality care to Veterans with hearing, speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders. Ext. 35364
• The VISOR clinic provides evaluation, training and support to Veterans with visual impairment ranging from low vision to total blindness. Ext. 35195
• Care Coordination Telehealth is a program that utilizes healthcare technology to assist and support Veterans with their healthcare needs. Ext. 33700
• The Caregiver Support Program was de- veloped to support Caregivers of Veterans, our partners in ensuring the best care of Veterans. Ext. 33424/30399
• The VA Chaplain Services primary mission is to provide for the religious and spiritual care of patients and their family members. Ext. 32433
• Chronic Pain Management involves health- care providers from various disciplines working together to provide the knowledge and skills to manage chronic pain. Ext. 30561
• The Community Living Center provides short-stay and long-stay nursing home care to Veterans who are medically and psychiatrically stable. Ext. 33486

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