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BY AARON EDLEFSON, Director, Calhoun County Veterans Affairs
We, at Calhoun County Veterans Affairs, consider it an absolute honor to serve our Veterans and their fami- lies. It is daily a humbling experience to be able to meet with the brave men and women in our community who have served our country in such a noble, but often thankless, tradition. They set aside years of their lives, often not knowing what the future held, so that their fellow citizens could enjoy the freedoms and comforts that we often take for granted. We also have the pleasure of meeting the families who supported their Veter- ans both during and after their service. Spouses and children who at best were spirited away to foreign countries and at worst were presented a folded flag and thanked for their loved ones service to their country. Families who had to be separated for months, if not years, while their service member worked and fought on foreign soil. Men and women
Serving Our Nation’s Heroes
who helped their Veterans deal with the aftermath of their service, their physical and mental scars.
In order to best serve those who have so bravely served their county, Calhoun County Veterans Affairs, in conjunction with the Calhoun County Veterans Af- fairs Committee, Calhoun County Ad- ministration, and Calhoun County Com- munity Development, has developed a list of Core Values that we hold in high esteem regardless of time or place.
Respect – Each person who enters our office, Veteran or not, deserves re- spect regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability. We are all members of one community, created equally, and should be respected as such.
Compassion – When members of our community are burdened, whether that burden be financial, emotional, or mental, we must have a genuine concern
for them while maintaining professional courtesies.
Integrity – Integrity goes beyond simply being honest and reinforces the idea of adhering to strong moral princi- ples regardless of temptation or an ad- verse environment.
Attentiveness – Our level of atten- tion to detail must always be fine-tuned with assisting Veterans and their fami- lies, regardless of what we’re assisting them with. This attentiveness isn’t just in regards to forms being filled out, but it is also towards the Veterans and family members we are working with. We must listen carefully to each story as we may be the only ones to ever hear it.
Courage – While there are often moments of profound joy in the work we do, there are also moments of ines- capable pensiveness and deep sadness. These moments affect us, but more im- portantly, they affect the Veterans and their families.
thank You
Accountability – We, the office staff, find ourselves accountable to numerous individuals and groups. These include Veterans and their families, the citizens of Calhoun County, Administration, the County Commissioners, the Calhoun County Veterans Affairs Committee, the State of Michigan, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and state and federal legislators. We must ensure that we are open and accessible at all times, trans- parent in all we do, while maintaining the privacy of our Veterans and their families.
Using these Core Values as guiding principles, we will continue to strive to best serve our nation’s heroes. We un- derstand that there are men and wom- en in our community who were never welcomed home. As a community we should endeavor to thank all of the men and women who served. They should be thanked not with hollow words or disingenuous actions, but with heartfelt thanks and an attitude of appreciation.
The citizens of Calhoun County ap- proved a special millage which enables Calhoun County Veterans Affairs to as- sist Veterans. We are incredibly grateful for such support within the community.
Providing services
for veterans and their families.
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