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It’s perfect! If you happen to be a regular reader of Scene... well, I say “perfect,” – a lot. I always mean it. But, there’s a chance my repeti- tion of the word just
might reduce its importance. Nah, that’s crazy.
When I first committed to the world of graphic arts – or commercial art – I’d more often than not get myself into a jam figuring out the last bit of tinkering to find perfection. So, I’d ask my dad to take a peak at my progress.
Dad’s first response... “How’s it look so far?” “Perfect,” I’d say. Then I’d add, “But I’m stuck.”
“Freddie,” my dad would answer, “If it isn’t done – and you think its perfect – there’s no where to go but down. Ask me again to take a look when you’ve finished.” The same answer every time. Geez, I’d get steamed.
Now, 30 years ago, changing a layout meant a considerable amount of work. There were no buttons on a computer that said, “delete”, or a key combination for
“undo.” I dreaded my father’s changes.
A typical suggestion... “Freddie, move the headline down an eighth of an inch, and shrink that photo 10%. I think it’ll be perfect after that.” For the next hour I’d make his changes with a less than perfect attitude. Heck, I think I might be
getting a little agitated remembering it! Add 20 years... or 20 minutes. Either time frame take’s up the same amount of
space in my head.
My brother-in-law, Keith, works with
me now. He’s watching over my shoul- der as I finish a layout – and he’s a bit anxious about missing the deadline. “Rick, is it done?” he’ll ask. “Almost. But not perfect.” I’ll say.
For the next five or ten minutes (NOT AN HOUR)... I’ll move the headline by an eighth of an inch, shrink the photo 10%, and maybe add a little more color. “Perfect.”
“Great!” Keith will say, then continue... “I never think that little bit of tinkering at the end will make any difference – but it ALWAYS does.”
Thanks Dad!
I wish I had a formula like the one above for all my life’s endeavors.
I’ll usually write my column in my
head while driving. Then, punch the keyboard with my thoughts late at night when all is quiet. I’ll reread the column at least three times. “Perfect.” I’ll say.
Then, I print it out for my wife, Terri, to read in the morning. An extra pair of eyes is always helpful for proofing, and my vanity is also hoping for a shower of accolades!
By the time Scene actually goes to press, I’ve probably read the column ten times. Always desperate to be sure not to have a missing word, a repetitive thought – or – heaven forbid a typo! Yeah, when it comes to writing... well, “perfect” comes a little harder for me – if at all.
I went to my buddy Doug’s house not too long ago for some video golf. Doug led me to the kitchen where Scene Magazine was opened up to my column. “I really liked your column this month,” he said.
“Thanks Dougie!”
Then Doug pointed to two big circles he made on the page... “Frederick (Doug always calls me Frederick), how did you ever leave out the same word TWICE in the same paragraph?”
I just rolled my eyes and answered... “Perfect.”
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