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Three Questions for YOU, that could change your life forever!
Does that sound like another emp- ty headline that promises so much, but ends up letting you down? How could the answers to three simple questions change
your life? If you’re willing to answer the following simple questions, I’ll lay out a plan that will offer you the opportunity to totally change your fitness and health for the rest of your life.
1. Do you own, work for, or actually frequent a local small business?
2. Have you ever said “I don’t have time for exercise because of work!”
3. Would you like a more efficient way to get FIT & HEALTHY?
These three questions are simple
enough but they actually hold the secret to your Fitness and Wellness success.
1. As a small business owner for over 30
years and frequent shopper at many local small businesses, I’ve dealt with the same troubles you have.
2. As an owner of a personal training business the number one excuse I’ve heard for not exercising is... “I don’t have time.”
3. Over 30 years ago, I discovered a 3x/week, 20-30 minute workout that produced the same results as 1.5 hours/day 5-6 days/wk. I have spent the last 30 years, tweaking, research- ing, testing and improving on the results of the original program.
So, if you have ever wanted to learn
the most efficient training system avail- able to advance your health, fitness, and overall wellness to the highest level possi- ble in the shortest amount of time, you’ll be glad you read this far. The following three rules will provide you the steps to take your training program to the next lev- el (or simply give you a ‘doable’ fitness program to squeeze in your busy life).
1. Strength train using one set, 8-12
reps, to fatigue - max 10 stations
2. Transition from station to station in
less than 10 seconds
3. Allow every other day for recovery
– train three non-consecutive days per week
While this program flies in the face of all the popular press and internet ‘ex- perts’ and their high volume training, the results this program produces will meet and/or exceed the standard exercise rec- ommendations. Let’s look at some of the results produced through the “9 minute Fitness Pros Miracle Workout.”
In a 4-week workout program con- sisting of a maximum of nine exercise stations, 12 minutes of exercise per day, and only 3x/week. That’s a maximum exercise time commitment of less than 2.5 hours of exercise per month. This is compared with the average of nearly 36 hours of exercise per month.
Whew – 36 hours, no wonder the big- gest excuse for not exercising is not hav- ing the time! Bonus question – Which would you rather do monthly – 36 hours or 2.5 hours?
Here’s the 4-week average results of thousands of clients researched over the last 30 years:
• Lose: 12 pounds of fat; 4.5 inches off the waist; 4 inches off the hips; 2 inches off the thighs; 2% body fat
• Lower: Blood pressure; Cholesterol; Blood sugar; Cardiovascular disease risks
• Add: 2 lbs Muscle
Now you’ve read the article, and the statements may sound impossible – re- ducing your exercise time over 33 hours/ month and still getting the same or better results – three questions you want to ask yourself now:
1. What if it works?
2. What will you do with the extra 33
hours a month with your new fitness? 3. Will you keep it a secret or tell all
your friends how you achieved such amazing results with such a short time commitment?
If you have additional questions, contact me directly through my website
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