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Local Interest
You and your family are invited to Battle Creek’s International Summer- Fest! Experience the world in a day at its new location, ANYbodies play- ground located at Bailey Park. Be taken on a journey as you, your family and your friends visit with the different cul- tures that make up the rich tapestry that is Battle Creek.
Open to the public, this event offers a fantastic opportunity to participate and celebrate with these extraordinary cultures through delicious international foods, intriguing art, breathtaking world- class entertainment, games unique to each culture and stunning prizes. Easily accessible, Bailey Park can be reached using the City’s transit system.
This year the Battle Creek Com- munity Foundation took the lead in
refocusing the SummerFest to better represent all of Battle Creek. By plac- ing more of an emphasis on the many cultures that reside within the city, and creating a more accessible atmosphere, the foundation hopes this festival can be a catalyst for growth and understanding between the different boroughs.
“We believe that by showcasing the many different cultures that reside in our beloved city we can help to erase some of the stereotypes and fear created by those separations.” Anna Oswalt said, Event and Experience Planner for the Battle Creek Community Foundation. “One of our core missions is to create an event that not only allows for an exciting journey through each culture but leaves each participant with a fundamental un- derstanding of that culture as well.”
To help with this, everyone is encour- aged to come out and use the special SummerFestival passport, a new feature for this year’s festival, a way to visit each culture, collect a stamp and broaden their awareness of the many groups that reside within the city. Available at no cost to the public.
The Battle Creek Community Foun- dation in conjunction with Voces, The City of Battle Creek, the Woman’s Co- Op, the Japanese Club of Battle Creek, the Burma Center, and CIR invite you and your family to come and experience the world in a single day. The Interna- tional SummerFest, Saturday, August 12th at ANYbodies playground locat- ed at 1400 Capital Avenue, NE, Battle Creek, MI 49017. The event starts at 11:00am and will end at 5:00pm.
International SummerFest!
AUGUST 12, 2017
11am to 5pm

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