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Small Business
Good Benefit Management with the Right “Partners” is Good for Business
Managing bene- fits has grown complex and there is little reason to believe it is going to change anytime soon!!
There are op- tions available to the small business owner that may or
may not include medical benefits.
The first priority is to obtain a good partner to help assess what will work best for your business and help meet your employee’s needs. One resource to find a good partner for your business is to look at your community partners like the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce and bona fide trade organi- zations like the National Association of Health Underwriters and the National Association of Finance and Insurance
I am a member of the Battle Creek
Area Chamber and the National Associ- ation of Health Underwriters which both give me resources to facilitate benefits management for your business.
Options can include Flexible Spend- ing Accounts which allow your employ- ees to set aside money before taxes to pay for health related out of pocket costs
that are not covered by a health plan. This can include a separate Transporta- tion Fringe Benefit Plan as well.
Health Reimbursement Arrange- ments (HRA’s) also known as a Section 105(h) plans are designed to help com- panies better manage their health care costs. It allows the employer to set the company’s healthcare plan contribution,
rather than committing to a specific ben- efit with an open-ended cost. They must be employer funded. It cannot be offered in a cafeteria plan. I or another qualified agent can assist you the details of such a plan and how it is set up.
Health Savings Accounts are avail- able for contribution only with a Qual- ified High Deductible health plan.
It may be a way to lower premiums of your employer health plan offer- ing. There are free services available with some banks to make the process of reimbursement seamless with your health plan.
Offering disability and life insurance benefits can help stabilize your work- force and maybe an option to facilitate your benefit package.
These are just a few of the options available to you as an employer and I am available to assist you with your employee benefit needs. There is no ob- ligation to discuss what might fit your employer needs.
Being a good partner is what Part- ners Insurance Agency of Southwest Michigan, Inc. is about. Partners Insur- ance Agency of Southwest Michigan has built a strong customer service base for small business in the Southwest Michigan area. Feel free to contact me at 269-425-7136.
Taking one step to improve your health can be a leap toward lowering your health care costs. Creating a strategy for a better tomorrow.
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