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Did You Know?
   Did you know... that if you close your eyes... think about your favorite Christmas story... listen for glistening snowflakes... keep your eyes closed... you may just hear
Mrs. Claus reading that favorite story?
If you’ve been good, and fortunate, you may be someone who’s had the opportuni- ty to hear Mrs. Claus read “Dream Snow” by Eric Carle during one of her annual vis- its to Kinderhaus in Marshall. Mrs. Claus really enjoys this particular story because the listeners (usually about three or four years old) love the animals in the story but most especially they like what happens at the end of the story when they get to touch something! I won’t give anymore of the story away because Mrs. Claus wants you to enjoy it as well, but she told me that the kids’ eyes light up and there is, sometimes,
some cheering near the end of the story.
Mrs. Claus
For the older kids (five and up) she loves the story, “Santa’s Stuck” by Rhon- da Gowler Greene. Even the kids under- stand that if Santa eats too many cookies and treats getting up the chimney might be harder than one thinks!
Mrs. Claus has been making her annu- al visit to Kinderhaus at Trinity Episcopal Church at the invitation of Kathleen Lam-
brix for over 15 years and loves to see the children, answer all their questions about Santa Claus, about the reindeer, and she reads the children stories which she finds sooo much fun and even magical. The event itself is the Christmas party for the children and their parents so when Mrs. Claus is finished reading the young chil- dren perform for her. “Kathleen has them learn finger plays and they sing, ‘Twin- kle twinkle little tree’ and they turn the tree lights on,” says Mrs. Claus with a big smile. After the reading and singing is complete Mrs. Claus asks the children if they have any presents for her to take to Santa to give to youngsters who may need them this season. “The kids bring me their presents and we put them in a basket to take to Santa to give out on Christmas,” ex- plains Mrs. Claus. “Then I tell them Santa will be so happy and Santa sent me here to- day because he loves you so much and you are so special.” With the help of MACS the gifts are given to those who need them.
If you think you ran into Mrs. Claus at a school in the greater Marshall and Bat- tle Creek area, you’d be correct and then you’d know you are a child at heart and you believed in the Christmas Spirit after hearing her read Christmas stories with a twinkle in her eye.
Mrs. Claus found out through her work at the United Methodist Church children’s choir that she seemed to have a way to engage children through plays, skits and musicals. It’s not hard to believe when you know she has a music education degree, and taught music in public schools for over 10 years. Why does she continue to visit the children during the Christmas season? “It’s the way I feel when I’m finished. I’m on cloud nine and it puts me in the Christ- mas spirit,” she says and again that big smile appears.
I haven’t revealed who it is that makes you believe in Mrs. Claus, but some of you may think you know her as Janice Darling from the former Darling and Daughter Va- riety store in Marshall. Janice’s day job now finds her at the Welcome Center at Marshall City Hall and when you walk in the door she’s the person who says hello and lights up the room with her smile. If you’d like to know even more about Mrs. Claus, you can reach her at (269) 781- 5163. Remember to listen for the glisten- ing snowflakes... then you’ll know you have reached Mrs. Claus.
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