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   “Get a hair cut.” That’s how I’ve always answered the question to “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” I’ve given out that res- olution for gosh, maybe twenty years.
I borrowed it from the comedian, Norm McDonald. He said it to be funny. I say it out of desperation. Desperate to pass through another year to have enough hair to need that hair cut. I just got one today – which makes my resolution for 2017 seem like a good bet. Yay, for me!
I’ve been down in the workshop all night – working my way through a half dozen Christmas gifts. Hand-made gifts are such a pleasure to give – not cheaper – just more satisfying.
My wife, Terri, is upstairs putting our Christmas tree together – getting it ready for decorating this weekend. I can hear her singing along with the Christmas carols she’s playing. You should know that her ability to carry a tune is... well... kinda like carrying a heavy backpack across the desert... difficult.
But it doesn’t matter to me. My ears keep trying a little a harder to hear her
Get A Hair Cut
when she stops singing along. And when I hear her sing out loud with some of my favorites... well... I’m a little watery in the eyes. We don’t usually wait a whole week after Thanksgiving to put up the tree – and this year – the kids won’t be a part of it. I’m a little nostalgic I suppose, and it feels a little lonesome.
So, while applying another coat of paint, I’m entertaining my brain with New Year’s resolutions... some possi- ble... some... not so much.
There are of course the easy ones... be a better husband, father, brother, friend, and son. I try these everyday with- out celebration, so I’ve skipped them.
I’ve resolved to make things as fast as my imagination can conjure them. The “possibilities” are piling up in my work- shop with more speed than I can accom- plish them. Of course, it’s my neighbor’s fault... they keep throwing “good stuff” away!
I’ve almost resolved to not be so quick to be angered. Then I realized that I might want to throw in a resolu- tion about lying! Problems can pile up fast – so an innocent mention of a broken branch in the parking lot, or a horrible call in a football game can send me along a trail of impolite language... I’m afraid
my passions would fail me. So, I’ve skipped that one, too!
I have resolved to lose that 10 pounds I gained in 2013. When my mother went into hospice before she passed – emergencies, and difficulties meant fast meals of pizza and burgers instead of prepared salads and vegeta- bles. Those 10 pounds thump me on the head and on the scale every morning. I “almost” had it beat last spring... then I went on vacation, and... well... the word “vacation” should tell you how that turned out!
I’ve resolved to scrape and paint my soffits this spring. Or, win the lottery, and buy some fancy ones that don’t need paint. I should’ve taken care of the task this spring-slash-summer. But, I’ve done it twice already at this house, and expe- rience keeps reminding me how much I hated doing it the first two times!
Shhh – listen. Terri’s singing “White Christmas.” I close my watery eyes and hum along with her. Dang, I should have made an appointment for a hair cut in February!
To every friend, every reader, every advertiser, every person who found out perfection is found in imperfection... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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