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For adults and children alike, the holiday celebration culminated on Christmas morning with the opening of presents and Christmas dinner.
One upper class Christmas was described by Anne Grandin, a member of the Hinman family of Battle Creek. She remembers the family Christmas dinner and tree at their great-uncle’s home in the 1890s. The, “Huge tree stood between two large windows, with wrapped packages for everybody beneath it.” She and her cousins received a variety of gifts. Young Frankie Hinman unwrapped, “A hobby-horse with a long and thick mane and tail, bridle and stirrups, large enough for us girls to ride on it, and Nelly was given some wonderful books, and we three girls all had hair- ribbons and beautiful sashes... We had games, books, knitted mittens, scarves, and hoods of soft, pretty worsted, oranges, nuts and candy.”
But Anne seems to be much more interested in describing the multi-course meal, which followed the opening of her presents. “Our first course at dinner was oyster soup, served from a large tureen with handles, by a china ladle. The adults had deep soup-plates, but we children were served our soup in bowls, not to spill it, perhaps.
“Next course was the huge turkey at one end of the long table and Uncle Henry was sure skillful at carving it, to give everyone a choice part of it. Mashed potatoes, gravy, squash, cranberry sauce, pickles, and current jelly were passed by the maid, in pretty apron and cap. Cabbage salad and vegetables were in side dishes, at our plates and the dessert was pies: mince, apple, pumpkin with thin cheese slices and fat dried raisins and cracked nuts; with coffee and thick pieces of luscious layer cake (lemon and chocolate).
“Our family never served liquors, but the pudding sauces were heady with wine or rum, so much so that a milder pudding was always prepared for us children, especially when there was a Christmas plum pudding with rich sauce, as was this time, but served late in the afternoon.”
Christmas day ended with adults taking quiet naps before the fire, while the youngsters played with their new toys, recovering from the excitement of the season.
Scene Fitness
Three easy steps to prevent holiday weight gain!
 In today’s hectic fast paced world, it’s nice to have the holidays to get together with friends and family. Unfortunately, for many people, this time of year includes the tradi- tion of excessive eating and limited activity. I know you ‘run’ from one store to another, scratch and claw to find the next bargain, press your way to the front of the sales bin, but is this adequate exercise? What do you usually have for lunch or dinner during this hectic time? Another HIGH FAT & HIGH CALORIE meal? The excuse given for re- duced exercise and poor eating habits during the holidays is time, or lack of it!
By following the traditional holiday regime, the average person packs on the pounds. But it is possible to prevent or reduce this with three simple steps. These steps work and are designed to work with limited interruption to your holiday pro- gram. Give them a try this year and enjoy your holiday parties without packing on the pounds.
STOMACH VACUUM – This tech- nique has been used by bodybuilders for years and it works. You can use it to help curb hunger, reduce intake and tone the tummy. Here’s how to do it: Sit up straight, take a normal breath and exhale as much air as possible to the count of 10. Without inhaling, suck in your belly as far as possi- ble, hold this concave/hollow position for 2-3 seconds. Relax, breath and repeat 2-3 times before each meal. *Be sure to take in sufficient oxygen between trials to prevent a light headed sensation.
INCREASE WATER INTAKE – Con- suming 64-128 ounces of water per day has been proven successful in reducing appe- tite and helping the body burn fat. Slowly increase your consumption over time until you reach the 1 gallon/day goal. I recom- mend using a 32 oz refillable water bottle
with a straw. It is easier to sip a gallon of water in 32 ounce increments than to chug-a-lug a gallon jug. To maximize fat loss, consume ice cold water. A gallon of 40 degree water requires over 200 calories to warm it up to body temperature. Try to drink the majority of your water before 5:00 PM. This will help prevent the need for you to continuously get up at night to use the bathroom. *Don’t increase water intake if you have a medical condition or are taking medications that can be negatively impact- ed by increased water consumption.
Apply THERMOGENESIS – Begin a 30 minute walk (leisurely stroll) within 15 min- utes of finishing your evening meal. This is not an aerobic, high intensity walk. Instead it is designed to get you moving, prevent you from sitting and storing fat. Bring along your water bottle and consume 16 ounces of cold water. The synergistic effect of the dinner stroll and water will speed up body heat production by as much as 50%. As a bonus, the walk will also help reduce the stress which accompanies the season.
Here’s three bonus tips:
1. Sleep Cooler - Turn the heat down while sleeping and the body will burn more calories.
2. Chew Sugarless Gum - There’s nothing worse than trying to eat a high fat/ sugary treat with the taste of spearmint gum in your mouth.
3. Brush your teeth often - You know you never want to eat right after brushing your teeth!
Implement these three techniques plus
the three bonus tips to help fight holiday weight gain.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here’s looking forward to a happy and healthy 2017!
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