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Business Perspectives
Thank you to our community and Chamber members!
BY KARA BEER, President
   As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal Chamber members and our community for help- ing to make our progress and pros-
perity possible this year.
The Battle Creek Area Chamber of
Commerce’sdedicatedstaffisourgreatest asset and this year the team continued to provide the exceptional quality service that you, our members, have come to expect from us. I am proud to announce that the organization recruited 119 new members in FYE 2015-2016 strengthening our membership greatly. We provided over 126 programs and activities this past fiscal year. We engaged over 15,000 people this year and held five large community events (Fall into the Arts, Spring into the Arts,
Military Appreciation Luncheon, Pub & Grub Festival, and Backyard Burgers & Brewsfest). We hosted seven interns this year from various local schools and state colleges. We are excited to say that we lead the small business benchmarking study for the BC Vision Small Business Action Team and have developed actionable plans for the Chamber moving forward. We are proud of these distinctions and are honored that our members and community memberschoosetobeamemberofour organization.
In 2017 we will celebrate 105 years of service to the Battle Creek area. We would like to thank our members for helping us reach this significant milestone as well as the community for their continued patronage and trust. Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce has experienced tremendous growth since its founding in 1912, but we remain committed to the values we were built on. We look forward
to celebrating many more milestones with our community in the future.
As always, we remain dedicated to our mission of helping our community grow and connect. The Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce will provide the best in member services and aggressive business advocacy to create a climate for employer growth and a prosperous community for all. The Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce is the premier business association whose influence, solutions, and networks drive economic growth in the Battle Creek area, enabling businesses, community and people to prosper in an ever-changing global economy. It is our pleasure to serve you and thank you for allowing us to continue to support the Battle Creek Area. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff at Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a joyous New Year.
 Ask A Trooper
BY KRISTI ANGELO, Community Service Trooper
   Winter driving can be hazardous and scary, especially in Michigan, which gets a lot of snow and ice. Additional prep- arations can help make a trip safer, or help motorists
deal with an emergency. This list provides safety information to help prevent motor vehicle injuries due to winter storms.
• Prepare for the trip.
• Maintain Your Car: Check the battery, tire tread, and windshield wipers. Keep your windows clear, put no-freeze washer fluid in the reservoir, and check the antifreeze.
• Have On Hand: A flashlight, jumper cables, abrasive material (e.g., sand, kitty litter, even floor mats), shovel, snow brush/ice scraper, warning devic- es (e.g., flares), and blankets. For long trips, add food, water, medication, and cell phone.
Prepare For Winter Driving
• Stopped or Stalled? Stay in your car, don’t overexert. Place bright markers on the antenna/windows, and shine dome light. If you run your car, clear the exhaust pipe and run only long enough to stay warm.
• Plan Your Route: Allow plenty of time. Check the weather report and leave early, if necessary. Become familiar with the maps/ directions and let others know your route/ anticipated arrival time.
• During the daylight, rehearse maneu- vers slowly on ice or snow in an empty lot.
• Steer into a skid.
• Know what your brakes will do (e.g.,
stomp on antilock brakes, pump on
non-antilock brakes).
• Stopping distances are longer on wa-
ter-covered and icy roads.
• Don’t idle for a long time with the win-
dows up or in an enclosed space
• Buckle up and use child safety seats
• Children 12 years of age and under are much safer in the back seat.
• Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking in the road.
• Avoid fatigue – get plenty of rest before your trip. Stop at least every three hours and rotate drivers, if possible.
• If you are planning to drink – designate a sober driver.
• While driving in winter weather remember to create space. Leave four seconds plus or minus more for driving in poor driving conditions. In heavy traffic, create space and slow down!
• Avoid Distractions While Driving such as: Cell phones, eating, adjusting the radio.
• Use Your Headlights All the Time so others drivers can see you. This applies to daytime driving especially during heavy snow and white out conditions.
I am wishing everyone safe travels during the holiday seasons and throughout the year.

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