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Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation
   Southwest Michigan Community Devel- opment Corporation is a nonprofit organi- zation committed to keeping neighborhoods healthy, safe, strong, and stable. Healthy neighborhoods are necessary to keep commu- nities healthy and growing. The best way we know to accomplish that is to make available affordable quality housing opportunities that attract families to purchase and lease homes that don’t burden their family budget. Wheth- er you are looking to buy or rent a home, make repairs, learn how to budget, avoid fore- closure or learn how to get involved in what’s happening in your neighborhood to address problems and grow leadership, SWMCDC can help. By shaping the quality of life for one family at a time, in neighborhoods, we prepare the community as a whole to attract more families that will, in turn, provide the workforce needed to retain industry and at- tract even more residents, jobs and business. Stable homes are where children grow and learn and develop their full potential.
It all starts with that family saying, “Let’s go home.”
Four program lines... it’s what we do:
Stable homes mean stable families, healthy and safe neighborhoods and new and grow- ing businesses that shape a strong communi- ty. That’s why we’ve developed four program lines to help create solutions for all.
1. Community Engagement – Program- ming to support communication within neighborhoods, to identify problems, solu- tions and grow leadership.
2. Education & Counseling – Individuals and families are provided the tools to shape their future through budgeting, financial fit- ness, rental and homeownership education, coaching, and counseling. SWMCDC also counsels and advocates for homeowners facing the risk of losing their home to fore- closure. These services move families up the ladder of financial fitness to stable homes whether through homeownership or quality affordable rentals.
3. Real Estate Asset Management & Development – Homeownership is the best method to stabilize families and neighbor- hoods. Affordable, quality rental housing also helps stabilize families. We offer both in different shapes and sizes so each family can find stability and grow and prosper.
4. Lending & Financial Services – Build- ing partnerships, developing loan products, identifying and raising capital and support financing that expands housing opportuni- ties, improves existing housing and brings funds into the community that wouldn’t be available without SWMCDC’s strategic affil- iations.
Here’s what people in our neighborhoods had to say:
Michael and his son were looking for a place to live. After looking at overpriced rent- als in disrepair with independent landlords and even considering moving back home to Detroit, someone told Michael about South- west Michigan Community Development Corporation. SWMCDC helped find an af- fordable, refurbished rental home in a great location. The team at SWMCDC continues to help Michael whenever repairs or main- tenance are needed. “They deliver on their promises. Whenever I need something, they take care of it, usually within 24 hours. The staff is great to work with.”
Tresa knew what her home needed to be for her disability. When she moved to Mich- igan with her family, it was important to find a place where her family could all be togeth- er, and have the amenities she needed to live safely with Cerebral Palsy. Tresa’s Pastor told her about Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation. And everything changed. “SWMCDC understood our needs and they knew how to help. They started the
process and walked with us the whole way. They even told us about a National Grant Program and wrote a letter to help us remodel the bathroom to make it accessible so I could be more independent. It’s been such a bless- ing! Not only did they help us find the right home, they helped me develop confidence and gave me a sense of accomplishment – because even with my disability, I am a proud homeowner.”
SWMCDC is a charter member of Neigh- borWorks America, a national network of community development organizations that receives its annual funding directly from the United States Congress and HUD. SWMCDC is also a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a program of the Unit- ed States Treasury Department; a Michigan licensed mortgage lender; a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) as certified by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); HUD Certified Housing Counseling Organi- zation; and a Member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (FHLBI). To learn more, visit Let us help you say “Let’s go home.”

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