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   8. Shortlist of pilot opportunities (complete)
9. Executed program and lessons learned
10. Summary of key community challenges
11. Prioritization of opportunities
12. Community economic development
13. Refined shortlist of program
14. Identify program champions
15. Establish a draft strategy for success
16. Finalized Community Development
Strategic Plan
17. Asset Mapping
18. Finalized Community Operation
Plan (Execution) – including funding plan, leadership plans, risk, etc.
While this work is on-going we are continuously looking for more engagement from the small business community and would encourage anyone who is interested in learning more or ways to get involved with this process please contact the co-chairs John Banks and Kara Beer.
The following are the tentative upcoming small business action team meetings:
• Wednesday, November 9, 9-11am;
34 W Jackson Street – Tower II
• Wednesday, December 7, 8-10am; 34 W Jackson Street – Tower II
• Wednesday, January 11, 9-11am; 34 W Jackson Street – Tower II
Business Perspectives
By KARA BEER, President
chamber’s military Affairs committee
This committee recognizes the sig- nificance of the military presence in our community. Its goal is to promote and foster excellent relations between the business sector
and the military. The Chamber is proud of our community’s rich military history and the future of our bases. Our local businesses in the area agree that, “The military provides excellent leadership and hands-on training;
we know the veterans
we hire have received
the required skill set
that leads to a natural
progression into the
many business industry
clusters in our region.
Because of the values,
work ethic, dependa-
bility and integrity that
are instilled in these
men and women during
their service years, they
transition well into the
civilian environment and make valuable employees and residents.”
In September 2016 the Michigan Air National Guard held a ribbon cutting for the standing up of the MQ-9 mission here in Battle Creek. In 2017 Fort Custer
Training Center – Garrison Post will celebrate 100 years.
The Military Affairs Committee is chaired by T.R. Shaw, Shaw Communications and is made up of an additional 20 organizations (both military and civilian) that fully support the actions of the Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee Business Partnerships.
While Fort Custer was born amid turmoil and conflict and, in a very real sense, has continued to exist for the same reason. It was 1917 and the United
States found itself hip deep in the war that was supposed to be Europe’s problem. And since then Fort Custer, now a National Guard base, has become a key part of the Battle Creek community.
In 2017 the com- mittee plans to assist in all of the yearlong celebrations and pro- motions at Fort Custer and the integral role it
has played locally, nationally and on the global stage.
For more information or to join the Military Affairs Committee please contact the Chamber office at (269) 962- 4076.
 Community First! I (269) 979-1410

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