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The Way I’ve Scene It
   As I take the last tentative steps toward 56, some really weird things are happening here, and I’m pretty sure I don’t like it. Some of my girlfriends
have already experienced this, and it was always just a matter of time before my turn rolled around. Apparently, I’m going through “The Change.” If you are a man, don’t get all excited and quit reading this... I’m not talking about that “The Change,” rather it is another “The Change.” Oh sure, I expected the night sweat/hot flash blah, blah, blah change, which by the way sucks big time, but THIS thing came out of the nowhere.
I have reached the age and stage in life where I can do what I want. I am not waiting on pins and needles for per- mission from anyone. I do not have to perform a litany of chores before I can go spend the night away from home. If I want to go shopping, or swimming, I simply go. If I want to eat candy for dinner, I can. If I want to skip a show- er, my hair looks like a hot mess, but otherwise, no one cares. I can run with scissors, stand on the couch and leave the yard before parental demands have been met. I can talk on the phone, long distance, no less, and no one com- plains. I can wear outdated jeans when- ever I want. I can foolishly stay up waaaaaaaay past my bedtime on a work night. What is my problem?! After all of these years, I can pretty much do any of these things, but oddly enough, for the most part, I just don’t want to. I never saw that coming.
We went through Mackinac City re- cently, and as I glanced over my shoul- der at the shops lining the main drag, I stroked the sleeping dog on my lap and realized that I did not want to stop and shop. Store after store of the same kitschy items have lost their appeal for me. I almost didn’t recognize myself! The Husband did not know whether to rejoice or take my pulse. And THEN, I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day eyeballing the current
is it Hot in Here?
celebrity-filled magazine covers, and I found myself wondering who on earth thosesiliconefilledfacesbelongedto, and how or why they were “famous.” It is no longer that I don’t have $5 to spend on the thing, it’s that I simply don’t care anymore.
I have bathing suits with more fre- quent flyer miles than the Husband has, and they often never even make it out of the suitcase. When I was a kid, I LOVED going to the Andersen’s lake cottage. Terri and I would play in that water until our fingers looked like prunes. When Mrs. Andersen asked if we were cold and thought we should get out for a while, we would shake our heads, and through purple quivering lips, tell her we were not cold! I could not get enough of THAT! Now, 50 years later, for six months each year, The Husband and I spend every week- end on a lake, and we only get in the
water to cool off. We never catch gup- pies, play Marco Polo or see how far we canswimunderwaterwithonebreath. The list goes on. Hot tubs? Nope. Zero interest. Junk food? I always keep can- dy and cookies and junk food in the house, but I eat very little of it. Admit- tedly, I still want ice cream every sin- gle day, but my butt said, “No, please don’t.” So, I refrain, but I still could if I wanted to.
Yet another “The Change” is bound to come someday, and I’m not going to be caught off guard again. It’s almost exciting to consider the possibilities! Maybe next time, it will be something really cool like the sudden popularity of both male and female-pattern baldness, a shift in beauty standards that heralds the loose skin on my upper arms, or just maybe, I will rethink that denim thing and rock the awesome bell-bottom jeans look ‘til I’ m 90!
                                        THANK YOU
All of us at Schweitzer would like to give our appreciation to the men and women
who have unselfishly placed themselves at the front
of our country and our community. To all of the veterans who have served and continue to serve in the armed forces, to local fire departments, law enforce- ment agencies and
    medical emergency teams... thank you.
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