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 own. The more time you spend at a facil- ity the more you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you.
When issues arise and long-term care is eminent you will want to reach back out to area facilities as soon as possible to gauge availability. If instead, the need for long-term care arises suddenly or unex- pectedly decisions must be made quickly. Even under these circumstances, you can be an active participant in planning for long-term care.
There is nothing like a visit to area facilities for a full picture of what options are available. Visit several locations, narrow your interests, and visit again.
The following section breaks down housing options based on in-home services; right-sizing your home; services available outside the home; adult care facilities; and special circumstances such as hospice, rehab, and respite. You will find listings of these options to help you get started beginning on page 16.
Right-Sizing Your Home
When you are ready to eliminate the responsibilities that come along with the home you’ve lived in for years you may want to consider downsizing, or right-siz- ing your living arrangements. Choosing one of these options also allows for in- home services that may be needed.
Accessory Dwelling Unit or
ADU – If you or a loved one owns a single-family home, adding an ADU to an existing home may help you keep your independence. An ADU is a second living space within a home or on a lot. It has a separate living and sleeping area, a place to cook, and a bathroom. Space like an upper floor, basement, attic, or over a garage have been turned into an ADU. Family members may be interested in living in an ADU in your home, or you may want to build a separate living space at a family member’s home.
Check with your local zoning office to be sure ADUs are allowed in your area and find out if there are special rules. The cost for an ADU can vary widely de-
pending on the size and cost of building materials and workers.
In-Law Apartment – While it may not be your first choice to move in with a loved one it might be more financial feasible than moving to another location on your own. Yes I mean the “In-law apartment.” Read more about bringing a loved one home on page 15.
Independent Living – Senior Retire- ment Communities are private-pay and are typically designed for seniors requiring very little or no assistance. Private apart- ments have full kitchen and baths, come in various sizes, and usually include a limited meal plan. For an additional fee, you may be able to arrange for housekeeping, laun- dry, and other services. Other amenities could include exercise and social rooms, entertainment, group trips, and other important options such as transportation to doctor’s appointments. Many offer call systems for emergency services.
You may also choose an apartment complex, town house, or condominium community that is not specific to seniors

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