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 address concerns and improve the quality of care and life for the resident. If you’re able to go to a meeting, ask a group member these questions:
❍ What improvements were made to the quality of life for residents in the last year?
❍ What are the plans for future improve- ments?
❍ How has the facility responded to recommendations for improvement?
❍ Who does the group report to?
❍ How does membership in the group
❍ Who sets the agendas for meetings?
❍ How are decisions made (for example,
by voting, consensus, or one person makes them)?
Compare the quality of the nursing homes you’re consider- ing. Your local Ombudsman can help you with this or you can start online by visiting www. compare/search.html.
Moving In
❍ What is the process for moving in? ❍ Is there a needs assessment or
initial evaluation done to assure the resident receives appropriate care and services?
❍ What happens to the resident’s room during a temporary hospital admission?
❍ Ask for Resident Rights information. Moving Out
❍ Does the facility assist with locating an appropriate care setting?
❍ What is the facility’s policy and procedure for evictions?
If the transition to a skilled nursing facility is more eminent, options might be more limited, but they still remain. Even with a transfer directly from the hospital, whether for a short-term rehab or for a long-term stay, you do not have to choose the first option presented. You can request another if they are available.
If transitioning to skilled nursing is the next step having the necessary informa- tion can make the transition a bit easier. Admission requirements may vary based on the resident’s funding source but gen- erally the resident will need to provide:
• A physician order for nursing home
• A history and physical.
• A pre-admission screening for behav-
ioral health services.
• An assessment of the resident’s risk for
Tuberculosis (TB).
If the resident is Medicaid eligible or applying for Medicaid, the nursing home must also conduct a nursing facility
level of care determination to assess the resident’s functional ability for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care.
If you run into challenges the Om- budsman may be able to help you. For more information please call the Michigan Ombudsman toll-free number at 1-866- 485-9393. More information can be found on their website a
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Grand Vista is an all inclusive assisted living community with an independent home-living, safe, and professional environment.
• Home Services • Personal Care Plans
 Private Suites
 Freshly Prepared Meals  Housekeeping
 Laundry
• Entertainment Engaging Activities Social Events
 24 hr RN Care
 Medication Management  Pharmacy Services
 Self-Care Support
• Respite Care
• Hospice Friendly
• Locally Owned and Operated
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