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 all information about costs and services very carefully; fees may vary based on the additional services requested. The rights and obligations of the resident and the fa- cility should be spelled out in the contract you sign.
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Continuing Care Retirement Com- munities (CCRCs) – CCRCs are retire- ment communities that offer more than one kind of housing and different levels of care. In the same community, there may be individual homes or apartments for residents who still live on their own, an assisted living facility for people who need some help with daily care, and a skilled nursing facility for those who require high- er levels of care.
Residents move from one level to another based on their individual needs, but usually stay within the CCRC. Your CCRC contract usually requires you to use the CCRC’s skilled nursing home
if you need nursing home care. Some CCRCs will only admit people into their
skilled nursing care facility that are already living in another section of the retirement community.
Some local adult care communities stop short of all three components but may offer at least two with nearby affilia- tions for the other levels of care.
Homes for the Aged (HFAs) are licensed and inspected by the state. They provide the same level of care as an AFC home. Fees include room and board, special diets, supervision, and some personal care for adults who are frail but in generally good health. Personal care may include help with bathing, dressing, and taking medications. Fees may vary based on the additional services request- ed. While the HFA does not generally provide daily medical care, some home care agencies do offer nursing and other medical services to residents at an HFA location.
Absent a waiver, HFAs only serve people who are at least 60 years old. They are larger than AFCs, with 50 to 300 residents. Residents use their income and
savings to pay for services.
Memory Care is tailored to care for
the special needs of seniors living with dementia or other memory impairments. Commonly, individual rooms or apart- ments will be available designed within a closely monitored, secure environment. Some apartments might also be semi-pri- vate but will include a private bathroom. Some may also have a walk-in shower and small kitchenette.
These facilities offer special assistance to seniors with their activities of daily living with additional services by trained staff to prompt residents with continuous gentle reminders, allowing individuals to live at their highest quality of life in the most dignified manner.
Most memory care is private pay, however memory care is also of- fered in skilled nursing facilities, AFCs, HFAs, and government run communities, such as the V.A.
 Memory loss requires
specialized care.
Fortunately, that’s our speciality.
CARING for someone experiencing memory loss can be difficult. That’s why we employ experts who really understand and have a passion for caring for those who live with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.
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