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 Design Your LTC Solution Checklist
Family Involvement
❍ How are families involved?
❍ Does the facility involve the family in creating a comprehensive, individu-
alized care plan if necessary? What
about updates?
❍ Are family members allowed to make
treatment decisions? Under what
❍ Is there an active family council?
❍ What is the visitation policy?
❍ What is the process to bring a loved
one home for a weekend or holiday?
Services and Fees
❍ Ask for a copy of all forms requiring signatures so you can review them.
❍ Is there a security deposit?
❍ Is there an application fee? Is the fee
❍ What is included in the basic fee?
❍ How often are rates increased?
Ask for a five-year history.
❍ Review services provided and fees
for each individual service.
❍ What will happen if medical needs increase so that the level of care is beyond what the facility provides?
❍ What will happen when the resident’s funds run out?
❍ Is financial assistance (Medicare, Medicaid) available?
❍ How are residents involved in planning for their discharge?
❍ How much notice is given to the resi- dent regarding eviction or termination of services?
❍ Under what circumstances can the resi- dent terminate the lease or contract?
❍ What about short-term stays?
❏ Is there a daily rate for respite?
❏ Is there a pre-determined length
of stay?
❏ What is the daily rate for short-term
stays or rehab?
❏ Are there extra charges beyond the
daily rate?
Skilled Care
❍ How does the facility use physical and chemical (psychotropic drugs) restraints?
❍ Who will be the resident’s attending physician? Is he or she readily avail- able?
❍ Can residents continue to see their
doctor’s in the community?
❍ Is transportation provided to and from
medical appointments? And is there
a fee?
❍ Are mental health services available
and delivered as needed?
❍ Are there any special or care services
that are not provided?
❍ Are residents well groomed?
❍ What is the facility’s toileting program? ❍ Will the facility meet all of the person’s
care needs for therapy and other
specialized services?
❍ Is staff trained in preventive and oral
hygiene care? Is care provided daily? ❍ Are residents and their family mem-
bers encouraged to participate in
forming the plan of care?
❍ Do residents receive assistance with
meals as needed?
❍ Are residents given sufficient fluids?
❍ What kind of rehabilitation services are
offered? OT? PT? Speech therapy?
Note: Compare the quality of the nurs- ing homes you’re considering. Your local Ombudsman can help, or start online
                          The Villa at Winston Court is a place seniors can receive the care and support needed to live fulfilling lives in a home-like environment.
208 Winston Court • Marshall MI 49068
 • Medication Management • 24/7 Pharmacy Services • Personalized Care Plans • ADL & IADL Support • Meals Services
• Housekeeping
& Laundry Services
• Daily Activities & Entertainment
• All Inclusive Pricing
 Family Owned & Operated

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