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  While you are looking, consider your current needs and how those needs may change in the future. Work with family to set priorities for what is most important to you in a facility or community, and determine what you can afford.
 ❍ How are the balance of residents impacted by an infectious disease?
❍ How does a positive case impact capacity at the facility?
❍ Are there any current cases? Staffing and Training
❍ What is the ratio of direct care staff to residents?
❍ Does the facility bring in help from home health care agencies?
❍ What initial and ongoing training is provided for staff?
❍ How frequently are staff evaluations conducted?
❍ Who supervises direct care staff?
❍ If an RN is on staff, what are his/her
hours, roles, and responsibilities?
❍ Who provides additional services
when needed?
❍ Are staff trained in preventive oral
hygiene care?
❍ Are staff trained in care for the person
with dementia?
❍ How long does the average person
work for the facility?
❍ What is being done to retain staff?
Quality of Life
❍ Do residents appear happy, relaxed, and comfortable?
❍ Do residents appear properly groomed and dressed?
❍ Do residents appear healthy?
❍ Are residents treated with dignity and
❍ Are residents with dementia encour-
aged to participate?
❍ Is there a plan in place to maintain
the quality of services and care for
❍ Are pets allowed?
❍ How is the facility involved in the
community (e.g., daycare for children, block parties, meetings held at the facility)?
❍ Are small day or activity rooms available and in use?
❍ How does the facility accommodate family and friends who visit?
❍ Are residents involved in program design, evaluation, management, and policy development?
❍ Is the assistance of a physical or occupational therapist available?
❍ Does the residence have a dentist or dental hygienist on call?
Activities and Daily Living
❍ How are medications distributed and who supervises?
❍ Does the pharmacy provide delivery services, consultations, and medica- tion review?
❍ Is there an activity schedule?
❍ Are activities designed with the person
living with dementia in mind?
❍ Are there a variety of activities and
times when they are offered?
❍ Is there an exercise program?
❍ Are there specific hours when guests
may visit?
❍ Is there a private room available for
entertaining guests?
❍ Are coffee, tea, and other beverages
available to offer guests?
❍ What is the food like? (Ask if you can
have lunch or dinner there.)
❍ How are meals planned?
❍ Are special diets accommodated? ❍ Are residents involved in menu
❍ Are snacks available during the day? ❍ Are bed linens and towels provided? ❍ Is transportation provided? Is there
access to public transportation?
❍ How are personal likes and dislikes,
habits, routines, and activities accom-
❍ Are religious services held at the

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