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 Before you make any decisions about what kind of long-term care you will use, fully investigate all your options.
The need for long- term care is some- thing that most adults hope to avoid but
the likelihood for care increases as longevity increases. The op- tions are great, with a vast array of services available; choosing the right one for you or a loved one is made easier with a little investment of your time.
The time to start looking for a long- term care solution is before you need
or want it. This will allow for the person ultimately needing care, as well as family members, to make decisions together. Making intentional choices rather than ones that are limited by your options in a more urgent situation allows for the most practical adjustments and comfortable transition. This guide can help you get started but there is nothing like a visit to area facilities for a full picture of what op- tions are available. Visit several locations, narrow your interests, and visit again.
Consider getting engaged at facilities that interest you. Join clubs at area facili- ties and get to know staff. Ask to visit for a meal. Ask to participate in a program offered at their facility. Determine to ask friends where they have visited and what they liked about area facilities. If you have ever wanted to volunteer, why not sign up at an area facility? As you travel to various health fairs and senior fairs stop and chat with the staff and ask them questions.
Given your level of interest you might

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