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that may prevent or slow the progression of the disease.
Vascular dementia occurs because of a cardiovascular incident such as a blood vessel blockage or damage that leads to a stroke or bleeding in the brain. The amount of damage determines how the individual’s physical func- tioning or thinking may be affected. Initial symp- toms appear more abruptly and become more noticeable in a short period of time. Vascular dementia is more common in men than women and may include impaired judgment or ability to make decisions, plan, or organize, rather than memory loss.
Lewy Body dementia is characterized by fluctuations in alertness and attention, recurrent visual hallucinations, and Parkinsonian motor symptoms like rigidity and the loss of sponta- neous movement as well as a shuffling gait and tremors. Cognitive problems such as hallucina- tions tend to occur much earlier in the course of the disease and often precede the difficulties with walking and motor control. Lewy Bodies dementia can also exhibit as thinking problems as well as memory loss. It can be confused with Parkinson’s disease.
Frontal Lobe dementia is sometimes called Pick’s disease, aphasia, or frontotemporal dementia. It is marked by changes in personality
or behavior such as a lack of inhibition, aggres- siveness, apathy, loss of empathy, etc. Changes in judgment are subtle at first but can become disabling as the disease progresses. One third of those with this type of dementia have a family history of dementia related disorders. Symptoms may start as early as one’s 40’s and is more common in women.
The good news is that there are new resources developed by Miles for Memories of Calhoun County that will help to create peace
of mind for the caregiver. The recent MHEF MI- TECH grant will allow several of these technol- ogies to be made available across the state of Michigan, including the personal I.D. bracelet or nugget as well as the G.P.S. watch with personal I.D resources.
Reach out to Miles for Memories at (269) 979-1412 or visit them at www. to learn more about bringing your loved one who has wandered back home quickly and safely.
We now know that we are able to have an impact on reducing risk for cognitive decline. It’s never too late to make new choices according to the Lancet Commission recommendations.
They found nine modifiable risk factors across the lifespan that could collectively reduce dementia risk by 30-35%, not including special diets. Realistically, the risk could be impacted by even greater percentages when diet is adjusted as well.
• Early Life: Staying in school until at least the age of 15 years. (Better yet, continue educa- tion through the lifespan.)
• Mid Life (~45-66): Vigorous treatment of hypertension, and maintaining overall good health through diet and exercise. Prevent obesity. Stop smoking. Guard against hearing loss. Keep socially active.
• Later Life: Manage depression. Guard against diabetes. Continue with the recommenda- tions for mid life.
What does it mean?
Your lifestyle choices can have an impact. Consider ways to live healthier and more engaged, and to reduce or eliminate foods and activities that you know to not be beneficial for our overall health. Get active and stay active. Clean those pipes so there is adequate blood flow and oxygen distribution. Keep your brain active and support your mental health. Prevent head injury. Feed your body and your brain. Stay socially engaged.
If you need help getting started... reach out.
                                                                              Excellent Care
Specialized Alzheimer’s • Dementia Unit Short Term Rehab • Spacious Private Rooms Most Insurances Accepted Including Medicare
& Medicaid
 Grand Vista is a place seniors can receive the care and support needed to live fulfilling lives in a home-like environment.
Grand Vista Located in Coldwater & Marshall, Michigan Ph: 517-227-5225
 • Medication Management • 24/7 Pharmacy Services • Personalized Care Plans • ADL & IADL Support • Meals Services
• Housekeeping
& Laundry Services
• Daily Activities & Entertainment
• All Inclusive Pricing
We are the Advantage family,
and we look forward to being part of yours.
 675 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek, MI | (269) 969-6244
  Family Owned & Operated

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